Sat 1/17: Redland Riot Road Rallye

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Saturday January 17, 2015
Cauley Square, 10am

This is a free event for car enthusiasts, tropical fruit lovers, history buffs and anyone who enjoys a leisurely drive through rural South Miami-Dade County -- Miami's Bountiful Countryside.

Gather at Cauley Square Saturday morning to begin. Print your own free map of the route with driving directions. Each registered team will be provided with a set of instructions and cryptic questions to answer. Any car, truck, motorcycle, or street-legal vehicle can participate. This rallye is not a race. It's a team-based competition. Each car is a registered team. At the registration desk, each team receives a set of questions and maps, then starts off on their fruity tropical adventure. The route is well planned -- each stop is of historical interest. Our crew have prepared a series of questions to be answered along which can be found by observation at the scheduled stops. The winning team will be the one with the most correct answers.

Rallye participants are encouraged to enjoy the stops along the way and collect some delicious goodies, including fresh produce, exotic fruits and home-made delicacies. Bring along some cash for hot sticky buns right out of the oven, delicious tropical fruit milkshakes, award-winning orchids, tropical fruit wine, fresh ripe strawberries, etc.

The Big Finish At Schnebly Redland's Winery

At 5pm, at Schnebly Redland's Winery, all road rallye teams will gather for the big finish.
Enjoy this wonderland of tiki huts and waterfalls, the perfect setting to relax and reflect on the bounty of the Redland Region.

All rallye participants receive free entrance ($10 value) to the Saturday Night At The Winery Event with live music, delicious refreshments and good food. At 6:15pm, we will announce the winner and give away a prize package of gifts and gift certificates worth less than one million dollars -- and the bragging rights as winner of the Redland Riot Road Rallye.