Classpass Miami is here!

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During Art Basel 2014, our friend from NYC (where else?) was in town and was going on and on about "Classpass", how great this "Classpass" thing is and all the gyms/classes he was able to try out for $79-99/month. I didn't really think anything of it other than the new NYC thing to do...and then low and behold, we got an email from Classpass offering us a 30 day trial in Miami. Hmm, looks interesting...and so we signed up! Classpass members get unlimited classes to studios/boutiques (pilates, yoga, spinning, barre, krav maga, etc.) within their network. You can take as many classes per month as you'd like, and can visit the same studio up to 3 times per month.


I am not a gym rat, more like a missing gym member. I have gym moments, and then work, life, traffic, and parking get in the way of class schedules and so I turn to nature for outdoor walks, runs, bike rides, and the occasional crazy caribbean person clean while dancing workout. Classpass allows you to reserve a spot at over 50 boutique gyms and studios, and you can reserve your spot the day of (sometimes), day before and about one week in advance. The kicker that forces you to go, $20 no show fee for every class missed or cancelled within 24 hours of class time. 

Living in Brickell, working in Kendall, and covering the southern part of this state for work, it's usually impossible for me to know where I'll be most days. Knowing I can access so many different studios from The Falls to Boca Raton, and can sign up via their mobile app, has Classpass looking way sweeter than my Equinox membership....


So far we've battled through sweat and tears at the following locations, and are actually looking forward to going back to these places, and trying out some other spots as well (Krav Maga, I'm coming for you!)

Bonus! -Traveling? Through the end of March 2015, your ClassPass membership includes unlimited access to all the classes in their 13 cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Sign up here and we each get $50! :: code valid until 1/17/15