Art Basel 2014

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Art Basel/Miami Art Week 2014

Rather than having a temporary "I'd Basel NOT" meltdown, the only way to possibly conquer any/all events for Art Basel/Miami Art Week/Art of Manuevering Miami Traffic is to break it down into a day by day OCD cruise like itinerary. I started to....and then I gave up. It's overwhelming and impossible to write/track every event!! 

We'll be photoblogging this week on the events we attend, so stay tuned to the blog and our instagram feed, and enjoy the week with all the NYers pretending they know Miami better than we do ;-)
Here are some links from writers and curators who had the time to list every must do this week.

We suggest:

Our other fave locals suggest:
Soul of Miami: Art Basel Guide
Racked Miami: Events Guide

and more suggestions:


924collective said...

We are ready!

Sending Good Vibes & Sunshine X O

I Heart Miami said...

Thank you!! Good Luck :)