Art Basel 2014 ::: Day Two

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December 2, 2013

Art Basel ::: Day Two

Traffic, rain and rush hour. The winning combination to be late in Miami. We missed our first event last night due to all the red light magic, but ended up having drinks at Michelle Bernstein's new restaurant, Seagrape, at The Thompson Hotel. Catching up over drinks and a celebrity spotting of Owen Wilson made up for the show we missed!

Ubering on to the next spot...we visited Concept Art Fair aboard the SeaFair megayacht docked in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami. The concept of Concept is to provide a luxurious art experience with 22 carefully selected dealers, along with multiple outdoor decks to relax and enjoy the city views.

"Tents, you think though!"

Whoever said that was right on. Concept Art Fair is a small fair to visit with beautiful pieces presented well. The ship doesn't get as crowded as the tented fairs so you can enjoy exploring, meeting the artists, having conversations with the dealers, and actually getting a drink quickly without having a stampede of people all up in your ish.

A few feet from the ship, in Bayfront Park, you will find the igloo like dome which features a short film 'Pull of the Moon' produced by the Navajo Nation and Chinese artist/activist, Ai Wei Wei. It's a moving piece that portrays the beauty of Coyote Canyon in New Mexico, as well as the struggles of the Seminole Indians to remain undefeated from the white man.
(Also similar to Ai Wei Wei's struggles with his own government....)

Exhibition Facts:
Concept Art Fair: runs through Sunday 12/7
Pull of the Moon: runs through Sunday 12/7