Moving to Miami?

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4 Reasons to Move to Miami
By Emily Creswick of Zillow

Miami is a desirable place to live for several reasons. On top of a year-round warm climate and golden beaches, Miami is a city beaming with eclectic culture. The city offers a range of vibrant neighborhoods to choose from when considering relocating to Miami. Miami has a healthy real estate market since home values increased 7.5 percent throughout the past year and Zillow predicts another 4.8 percent appreciation over the next year.
If the Miami lifestyle is appealing, here are a few more reasons to encourage moving.

1.      Constant Sunshine
For those who love sunshine, beaches and warm weather, Miami is the place to be. The city enjoys around 250 days of sun each year with average temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 60 to 70 degrees in winter. Winter months are the driest, attracting tourists to some of the few warm beaches in the country.

2.      Beautiful Beaches
Miami Beach borders the Miami metro area to the east and stretches from 21st street to 78th street. Residents and tourists enjoy strolling, jogging and bicycling along the boardwalk, soaking up the sun on the white sand and dipping in the turquoise water. Located at the bottom of the Miami Beach strip is South Beach. It’s the most popular of Miami’s beaches and the area is filled with boutiques, galleries and casual dining spots. At night, South Beach comes alive with gourmet restaurants, chic cocktail bars and nightclubs.

3.      Rich Diversity
Miami is made up of many ethnically diverse neighborhoods, filling the city with cultural and varied customs. For a taste of Cuban culture visit Little Havana, where streets are decorated with colorful murals and elderly men play dominoes amidst the delicious aroma of Cuban coffee. For art lovers, Wynwood is the perfect neighborhood to move to. The up-and-coming area is described as an outdoor art museum scattered with al fresco eateries and indie cafes.

4.      Cultural Dining Experiences
A melting pot of cultures in Miami means an array of international cuisine. Latin American food is the popular fare as is the authentic taste of island food from Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Spanish and Peruvian restaurants are also popular throughout many Miami neighborhoods. The tastes are so influential that fine dining establishments are infusing the Latin America flavor in their five-star dishes.

5.      Neighborhood Variety
Miami has a range of neighborhoods to suit inhabitants at any stages of their lives. Those who enjoy fast-paced cosmopolitan lifestyles should check out the condos and apartments available in Downtown Miami. The median home sale price is $389,600 compared to monthly rents of $2,345. For high-end apartment living with pristine views of Biscayne Bay, head to Edgewater located north of downtown. Coral Way is south of Downtown and offers more affordable housing options with average home sale prices of $265,615 and rent at $2,085. Coconut Grove is a safe and suitable neighborhood for families who can afford higher housing costs. Homes in South West Coconut Grove sell for $635,588 and rent costs $3,293 monthly, while homes in North East Coconut Grove sell for $626,500 with rents of $2,813. Coral Gables is the perfect neighborhood for those who love to indulge. Home to the Miracle Mile and Merrick Park, this neighborhood offers high end and independent retail options as well as delicious dining.

Selecting the best-suited neighborhood is crucial to relocation satisfaction. Movers should visit first to ensure areas will meet their primary needs and conveniences, such as close by amenities, simple commutes and community safety. With proper research and local experiences, movers can plan their relocations to the sun-shining city of Miami.