Adventures in Haiti: Jacmel

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Went back to Haiti, for a few days,
and thought I would share a different perspective of Haiti with you....
since obviously, we weren't kidnapped.

Leaving Port-au-Prince, driving to Jacmel. View of valleys and Caribbean Sea in distance

Breezy windows in the beach house, Jacmel

View from beach home. Kabik Bay, Jacmel

Fisherman standing on the rocks in Kabik Bay, Jacmel

On our way to the beach. A family relaxing on their porch listening to music.

Someone's ZEN! 
Sweet lady selling her handmade straw hats and bags, Kabik Beach, Jacmel

Her handmade straw hats and totes
Kanaval Jacmel is the Sunday before Mardi Gras weekend, known for its parade of handmade papier-mâché masks, music, and dancing in the street. The themes revolve around humor, political issues, religion, slavery and voodoo. Jacmel is famous for its beautiful beaches, surfer's delights, gingerbread houses, papier-mâché mask makers, painters and handmade artisan shops.

Lanse Kod. These boys/men paint themselves in black, 
wear horns to terrify and carry ropes to symbolize their release from slavery.