Art Basel 2013: YogArt at Wynwood Walls

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YogArt at Wynwood Walls
December 5-8, 2013
Yoga Sessions Thursday and Friday 6-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-11am
YogArt brings together the most sought after yoga teachers in South Florida, coupled with acclaimed & totally hip musical talent , musical talent DJ Drez, MC Yogi, taking place at the hub musical talent DJ Drez, MC Yogi of Art Basel, The Wynwood Walls. We will be delivering 4 incredible yoga sessions geared to refresh, inspire, and rejuvenate your body & mind. We have brought together the best of the best creating 4 killer rockin yoga classes.

Beginning on Thursday, December 5th the Wynwood Walls will be home to four days of morning and sunset YogArt classes. This unique blend of yoga, art and live music will encourage participants to open their minds to a yoga experience that allows them to express themselves both artistically and physically. All classes will last approximately one hour and will end with a spread of healthy refreshments to complete the nourishing experience of YogArt.

  • 30 minute performance and kirtan by The Mayapuris (prior to class) & CONCERT by MC Yogi
  • One hour asana class taught by the nation's hottest yoga teachers all the while listening to the killer beats of DJ Drez, MC Yogi & The Mayapuris. 
  • Post class fresh pressed juices, cocktails, and yummy bites.

Amazing art throughout the event