Fri 11/15: Big Night Little Haiti- RAM

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Friday, November 15, 2013
Big Night in Little Haiti, featuring RAM
6-10pm, Little Haiti Cultural Center

RAM is the band started by Richard Morse, who runs the historic Hotel Oloffson in Port-Au-Prince.
RAM plays most Thursday nights in PAP, and gets you dancing and sweating to their style of mizik rasin.
Truly, one of my favorite nights in Haiti, and happy that they will be coming to share their music with Miami.

RAM is a legendary 13-member rasin band based Haiti, founded in 1990. Their music is “voudou rock ‘n’ roots”, a style pioneered by bandleader Richard Morse to meld his love of both Haitian roots culture and rock. They are famed for their regular Thursday night performances at Morse’s historic Hotel Oloffson in downtown Port au Price, attended by a wide spectrum of the country’s political and cultural leaders. Through their music, the group pushes forward a message of freedom for Haitian people, with a base of traditional voudou-inspired lyrics and instruments in a modern rock and roll context.

In RAM, one hears the beautiful complexity of the past, present and future of the Caribbean. Morse was born in Puerto Rico – his father an American sociologist and his mother famed Haitian singer Emirante de Pradine. Morse graduated from Princeton in 1979, an anthropology student who also played in a punk rock band. A change of life in 1987 brought him to Haiti, where he took over the operation of the historic but near-ruined Oloffson Hotel. The folkloric dance troupe Morse hired for the hotel became the base of his new band. RAM formed the nucleus of the rising rasin (roots) music movement – combining elements of ceremonial voudou traditions, folk styles and American rock and roll.