7/19 Welcome Back Weekend!

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Welcome Back Weekend!

I don't think I've ever missed the sun so much. How do people in Seattle survive?
I know they drink lots of tea, and coffee, and read every book printed, but I am not cut out for that lifestyle.
Born and raised in the 305, I need sunshine. I need to be outside walking or pretending to run, biking, sweating, bitching about the heat and humidity...but rain...ALL WEEK...ughh...cabin fever.
I guess it is good for the local economy though.
Dinner delivery, online shopping, Home Depot projects. Old people stuff.
Anyways...let's not bore you. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!
Weather.com has deathly little lightning/stormy emoticons for every day this weekend, along with 30% chance of rain. Confusing...but I'm going to be optimistic and hope for the 70% chance of sunshine. Enough of my stormy emotional ranting.
Happy Weekend to you and yours. 

Happy Hour with a View
Rain or shine, Miami does have beautiful views. Kick back a few drinks and watch the sunset/water views

Tonight's movie is Grease.
I really loved this movie in third grade...and I don't think I've seen it since..
I'm also pretty sure every girl can still sing the words to every song..

One of my favorite events in Miami. Seriously.
Check it out. The music, the food, the spirit of my people. 
You won't get robbed in Little Haiti (tonight), get over it. Go have fun.

Thanks to FatgirlHedonist for continuing to post her pictures at these pop-up cooking classes. I want to eat and try everything this girl eats. 
This weekend's class is Thai inspired and it includes a lot of drinks and a goodie bag.
It's also the perfect solution for a rainy day..if it isn't already sold out.

An original artist warehouse community off of Bird Road/SR 826.
Great art walk in another unexplored part of town 
(unless you grew up here! we've all been to Tropical Park, and Tropical Chinese Restaurant
which are near by)

Vintage Hoarder sale!!! Even if you don't enjoy perusing through vintage items, it is always fun to see what someone else hoards in their closet. 

Miami Spa Month- Get your spa on for $99 this summer!!!
Miami Musts- How can you be bored? There is so much to do in Miami!!!