Dining at Charles St. on Miami Beach

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Last Wednesday, we were invited for a dinner tasting at
Charles St. Restaurant on Miami Beach.
Charles St. is located at the Boulan South Beach Hotel on 20th and Collins Ave.
We don't get much of a chance to go out on Miami Beach these days, so it was a nice surprise invite!

Naturally, we started off with cocktails and our choices were refreshingly good with a kick! I had the Charles St. Lemonade (So good, I forgot to take a picture of it! Skyy vodka fresh strawberries, lemon juice, basil Ginger beer...GINGER!!!) and the beau had a Rum Old Fashioned (Zacapa dark rum, brown sugar, orange bitters, flamed orange)

 The appetizer list was hard to choose from as everything had fresh ingredients with a twist.

We had the Meatballs (Beef / Veal / Pork / Potato Puree / Talleggio Foam / Oregano) and Charred Octopus (Fingerling Potatoes / French Beans / Tomato / Greens / Herb Vinaigrette).

The Meatballs were amazing. I honestly could have just eaten that and I would have been fine the rest of the night. Each meatball was a different meat mixture, rich and flavorful tastes, and VERY light. The charred octopus salad was fresh with a great vinaigrette and perfectly ripe vegetables.

On to dinner. Options galore. We decided to go with the Roasted Chicken and Branzino.

I'm a huge fan of roasted chicken...but not many people can get it right here in Miami.

Charles St. has mastered this little chicken. The skin was full of flavor and crunch, and the chicken was juicy and moist. The Branzino was another home run. Light, flaky texture and not overpowered by the light sauce.

Dessert is a must anywhere we go.
I'm happy to have half of my meal packed for take out in order to save room for dessert.
I'm also happy to just stuff my face even if I no longer have room. 
The perfect way to end the night is with a sweet bite!

Again, too many choices to choose from, so we chose the Passion Fruit Crepe. 
Three Passion Fruit mousse filled crepes arrived at the table, and they went so fast I wasn't able to get their beauty shot. So below is what was left over!

The decor of Charles St. is warm, welcoming and feels like your neighborhood modern bistro. 
The food is great, and the prices aren't steep as other locations nearby!
The staff is friendly and helpful, and overall make your meal that much more enjoyable. 

We truly enjoyed our night and company and were glad to experience this new spot on the beach!


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