6/14: Welcome Back Weekend

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Welcome back Weekend!

Miami Painting by: Nady Paint

So good to see you, and the sunshine. Hopefully the sunshine is here to stay!!
This weekend will be all about relaxing, playing outside, planting some new plants, visiting pops, and perhaps, finally finishing unpacking and doing laundry. Really haven't adjusted back to reality after vacation..it's more exciting to live out of suitcases..

Didn't get a chance to blog much this week, but there are a few things going on around town this weekend!

DWNTWN Miami Concert Series- Free show by EGINE


Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project- Volunteer to help keep our beaches "barefoot friendly"

Feverish Pops- It's HOT outside! Have you tried the amazingly refreshing popsicles here? No? GO!!

Redland Summer Fruit Festival- Tropical fruits...yum!!! 

Bird Road Art Walk (old post, but you get the idea)


Spend the day with your dad and feed him!!! (Or at least call him!)
Coral Gables Restaurant Week- Dad's don't ask for much. Space. Food. Beer. Sports. Lots of spots to choose from in Coral Gables, and I'm sure they will all show the Heat game.

In any case, there are always things to do via our Miami Musts list!

Happy Weekend to you!