Sat 5/11: Design District Gallery Walk

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It happens every Second Saturday of every month. 
Gallery Night in the Miami Design District

Gallery Night in the Design District was the first art walk I can remember in the area way back when places like Piccadilly Garden (PopLife Thursday Nights, awesome!), Grass, SoHo Lounge, Brosia/Mai Tardi (can't believe what they did with this space) and such were around. The good old days..

Nowadays, everyone and everyone else seem to go to Wynwood Art Walk and I'm all for local spots getting recognition and business and all, but WAW is just way too crowded for me. I actually like to go and look at art. Get inspired, lost, touched by art, maybe with a drink in hand. I hate to be bombarded by hipsters photo bombing and instagramming every second of their lives, or have other people's sweat drip on me. 

With the revamp of the Design District (Bonjour! Cartier, LV, Hermes, Dior and other high end shops) comes a classier gallery walk. 

Have some cocktails at Oak Tavern

and a bite to eat at Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Check out the galleries!


Locust Projects is pleased to present Precipice/PostModem by Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer. Mayer is known for eclectic video installations that compress virtual, cinematic, and physical space. This will be Mayer’s largest exhibition to date, passing fluidly from cinema to installation in both the physical and digital realm while incorporating interactive and technological elements to create a nonlinear meta-narrative. In the Project Room - Tracey Goodman & Valerie Snobeck: Out of Place Curated by Joanna Kleinberg Romanow, Assistant Curator, Drawing Center, New York.
3852 North Miami Avenue

The Month of May is Haitian Heritage Month, a nationally celebrated time where the Haitian culture is celebrated throughout the United States and in Haiti. During this very special moth the Haitian Heritage Museum is pleased to present Chimen Libete (The Road to Freedom) - A collaboration between the Haitian Heritage Museum and the Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon (MUPANAH) in Haiti, to feature an exhibition of the historical account of freedom from slavery in Haiti. 4141 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 105C

Last opportunity to see Alfredo Jaar’s Terra Non Descoperta. Three light boxes with color transparencies sit on the floor. They show a beautiful sea in three parts. A text by Christopher Columbus is overlaid on the images, describing his obsession with finding gold. The spectator is seduced by these images to approach the work. The light boxes, placed some 20 inches from the wall where fifteen gold-framed mirrors hang horizontally facing them; suddenly, a reflection appears on the mirrors. They show us images that are inset on the other side of the light boxes, the side facing the wall. They are gold miners from Serra Pelada, in the Brazilian Amazon. But the mirrors also reflect us. We find ourselves together with the miners in the space of the mirror. 23 NE 41 Street

Yes, No or I Don't Know Why, are common responses to questions. When the answer is "On the Tip of the Tongue", some call it "Presque Vu" or almost seen. To experience the work of Maitejosune Urrechaga is similar in character to these psycholinguistic phenomenon. For her solo show, Maitejosune explores through portraiture the universal experience of unconscious thoughts and impulses as yet unexplained by science or spirituality. 150 NE 42 Street