Miami Trolley expands to Midtown/Design District

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The City of Miami has expanded their free trolley service to the Midtown and Design District areas. It's a little weird that there are no stops from Margaret Pace Park until you get to Midtown, so if this is supposed to service all those shiny new towers, and the towers to missed a few stops City of Miami.. 

It's also a bit odd that they don't extend service South to Coconut Grove (Grove Grapevine is upset about this too..see his post) Maybe they will add service once the whole Scotty's/Charthouse tax situation/RFP situation is figured out, but there are some great restaurants, bars and parks that are missed by not having some stops in the Grove..

The new Biscayne/Brickell Route below:

Design District
Midtown Miami
R. Clemente Park

Margaret Pace Park
OMNI Station
Arsht Center
Museum Park
Freedom Tower
Bayfront Park
Flagler Street
Knight Center
Miami Circle
Brickell Park
Brickell Village
Southside Park
Financial District
Simpson Park
1814 Brickell Park
Wainwright Park
Vizcaya Museum
Mercy Hospital
R. Clemente Park
Midtown Miami
Design District


Anonymous said...

There are stops between those points...those in the map are not stops...but points of interest!, stay tuned, mobile app coming soon! and coconut grove is being looked into as I heard

I Heart Miami said...

Thank you for the update anonymous :)