Etsy in Miami

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I am a huge fan of It's the dreamy website for art, crafts, antique/vintage, clothes, gifts, jewelry that every woman/girl must know, and love! I love looking for handmade items made in Miami, and love to support our local artists even more. Here are some new local shops to meet and love!

Femme Jolie Store- The CUTEST, handmade Miami bathing suits. Sexy, cheeky and best of all, not crazy expensive. From her pics on Instagram I can see that these suits were a hit at ultra!

Carolina Benoit- Romantic and dreamy creations of dresses and jewelry from a local designer and fashion blogger

Textured Cream Rosettes Shift Dress

Arte LunaFunky, bright art work from local artist Vivian Estalella. Love her bright colors on unconventional house pieces (love the tostonera below!) and on the usual canvas.

Pink Flamingo Hand Painted Wood Tostonera, Plantain Press Original Design by Vivian Estalella

Lana Bella- Handcrafted soaps, artisanal herbal teas and more. Deliciously yummy!
Karma  Whipped Body Butter