Miami Spice Dinner: Bianca at Delano

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Miami Spice Dinner: Stop #1 Bianca at Delano 

This past Tuesday, I was invited to experience the Miami Spice Dinner and Bianca Live at Bianca Italian Restaurant at the Delano in Miami Beach. I don’t venture out to Miami Beach too often, so it was a great reason to leave the mainland. Bianca at Delano opened January 2012 in the old Blue Room space and the space has been redesigned to give a simple, cozy and warm inviting welcome. The décor is creams and light woods, and dim lighting for the romantic fuzzy feeling. Bianca has the warmth that the pretentious Blue Door lacked.

The regular menu and Miami Spice menu offer simple yet dramatic Italian dishes. Nothing seems to be overwhelming or too rich, and believe it or not, light Italian food does exist! I learned that Bianca features local and organic ingredients and participates in the Slow Food Miami Movement (supporting local communities, farmers and school gardens). From my knowledge, and quick google search, not many restaurants in Miami, let alone Miami Beach, participate in this movement. It’s amazing to see that Bianca is recognizing the movement of Miami that so many of us are trying to participate in: growing business organically (no pun intended) and supporting our local communities. I hope this inspires other Miami Beach establishments to think and act locally and organically. How amazing would that be to show visitors that we really are a city who acknowledges and values our local partners!

We sat in a cozy corner section of the restaurant and the staff was friendly and attentive. The Alex Fox Trio played Spanish flamenco music in the background which adds to the ambiance and warmth of Bianca. The Miami Spice menu offers a few items in each section. As such, making a decision was pretty hard as I really wanted to sample everything!

Starters: We began our meal with three appetizers- Fonduta Di Tartufo (grilled country bread, drizzled with olive oil, truffle shavings and a fondue of fontina cheese), Burrata & Prosciutto (creamy, creamy burrata!), and Zucchini Flowers (lightly breaded, flash fried zucchini fingers stuffed with tomatoes, cheese and basil).They were all tasty but in order of favoritism, the Zucchini Flowers and Fonduta Di Tartufo won my vote! 

 Dinner:  I ordered the Veal Ravioli. I had to pace myself when eating the appetizers as I thought the Veal Ravioli would be a heavy pasta dinner. The Veal Ravioli is in fact the opposite of that! The plate arrives with 6-7 raviolis in a light crème sauce with smoked ricotta and toasted bread crumbs. Each and every bite was decadent, full of flavor and just amazing really. 

Dessert: Our first dessert was the White Truffle Gelato Cones with shaved summer truffle. I can’t say I loved this. I kept sampling it and trying to figure out if I loved this, but I couldn’t get over the truffle in my gelato taste. So to fill our dessert void, we switched out the Gelato and tried the Dolcetti Misti dessert sampler. Best decision ever! The sampler comes with biscotti, warm fresh doughnuts with a chocolate sauce, canolli and tiramisu. As indulging as those all sound, the samples are a perfect bite size to tease and tauntillate your taste buds, and not worry about unbuttoning your pants!

Miami Spice runs until September 30th, and Bianca at Delano offers the lunch spice menu Monday-Friday, and the dinner spice menu Sunday-Thursday. Tuesday nights are Bianca Live with live music by Alex Fox Trio. If you’re not able to make it for their spice offerings, go anytime for lunch, dinner or the insane Sunday Brunch party, you will not be disappointed!

Bianca at Delano

1685 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Bianca changes thier menu often and the best way to stay connected is via theirr social media outlets. 
@biancaatdelano (twitter, instagram, and pinterest)