Etsy in Miami

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Anytime I need to get someone a gift, and I've actually remembered to get them a gift in advance (and not running around Miami 30 minutes before a party..) I love to turn to Etsy. I love unique, one of a kind, handmade gifts that really fit a person's personality, and I love supporting struggling artists (or stay at home moms who do crafts all day and I'm really jealous of their life). I'll stop ranting. I found some great local Miami artists on Etsy and wanted to share them with you!! If you're going to buy online, at least "buy local"!

Click on the images to see the art/vendor!

Miami Heat custom TOMS shoes (Hand painted)

Miami City Skyline Print

Miami Mojito Lip Balm

The Lincoln Rd. Community Church, Miami Beach

Long 14K Gold Filled Tree of Life Necklace

Bikini brazilian cut  from Alegrias Bikinis Free Shipping


Dana's Pom Pom Skirt