Big Night Little Haiti: Friday 7/15

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Big Night in Little Haiti opens this month’s edition (Friday June 15) with an Open Stage.  The free monthly night of music and art at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, celebrates Fete de la Musique, a Francophone holiday that welcomes summer with free music.  Central to Fete de la Musique, which fills venues, streets and public spaces across the Francophone world with music each year, is that idea that anyone can make music.  Egalité at its musical finest, and best realized in a community like ours, filled with talent.
The open stage so far has attracted a very cool line up including a Haitian rara rock group, a didgeridoo ensemble, a violinist, a small jazz ensemble, and some singers.  The application form can be found at
Following the Open Stage, Big Night features one of Haiti’s great voices.  James Germain’s music is a lovely mix of his baroque operatic voice and Haitian roots music.  As a young man from Port-au-Prince, born an albino into a family full of music and poetry, he discovered his voice singing in church choirs.  Even while classically training in Paris, he found the great value in the voudou roots of his home country.  Germain has been living in Mali, West Africa for the past several years, creating true world music that unites his beautiful voice, and a fusion of African and Haitian rhythms.  It is a rare treat to have him perform in Miami.