Local Blogger's Bake Sale

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Ten Reasons: Bloggers Bake Sale this Saturday

Chewy tropical coconut and jam sandwich cookies–taste for yourself on Saturday!
You might remember that I participated in this bake sale last year.
I have ten (mostly) new reasons–in no order–as to why you should check out the Blogger’s Bake Sale this year.
The bake sale is this Saturday, April 28th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the South Miami Farmers Market (South Miami City Hall, 6130 Sunset Drive, parking at library or Metrorail.)
1) You take care of groceries for dinner and dessert.  Grab some unique and exquisite homemade desserts (there are no Publix rehashes here), along with fresh vegetables from the farmers market. It is the end of season, but you can still purchase fresh herbs and greens from Homestead’s Verde Gardens, Florida eggs and prepared foods by Community Food Works.
2) Fatgirl Hedonist and her friend are bringing homemade marshmallows and toffee blondie brownies topped with bacon.
3) There will be gluten-free brownies!
2011 Food Bloggers Bake Sale (Courtesy of Laura Lafata of La Diva Cucina)
4) I’m bringing my chewy tropical coconut sandwich cookies again (pictured above), although this time with a different jam filling.  I’m trying to choose between guava and lime, grapefruit zinger or four fruit marmalade (all by Freakin’ Flamingo)–but really, why limit myself?
5) Renee Joslyn (of Freakin’ Flamingo Jams) will offer her jams, multigrain bread, challah bread and pistachio biscotti.
6) For those who crave more of the savory: Lynne Cohen will sell her homemade chili cheese crackers.
7) You’ll have the chance to enter a raffle for prizes like gift cards toWhisk Harry’s Pizzeria Xixon or Lester’s Coffee and Wine Bar in Wynwood; or a free Wok Star cooking class. (Full list of raffle prizes here.)
8 This 60 Minutes segment is at least a year old now, but it’s still one of the most compelling stories I’ve seen about hungry and homeless kids in Florida.
9) You can also stop by the library (next door to the farmers market) and pick up some new books and DVDs.  Check out some cookbooks to inspire you about what to do with all of the tropical fruit we’re going to have in South Florida soon.
10) You can’t have all of these baked goods without coffee. Check.
If you can’t make it to the bake sale, please consider donating on the Miami Food Bloggers Great America Bake Sale page. Thanks!