Heirloom Seedling Sale At the Little River Market Garden

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Heirloom Seedling Sale
At the Little River Market Garden 
Sunday, October 16th
8290 NE 4th Avenue
Little Haiti
You may have been to the seedling sale last October and brought home a rainbow selection of heirloom tomato plants, peppers and eggplants for your backyard garden.  Considering last season was a pretty good tomato year and of coarse, especially because the seedlings were of such great quality, you probably enjoyed a bountiful harvest!

Whether or not you're a returning guest of my seedling sale, if you are planting a garden, or even if you're interested in trying a few plants in pots, these seedlings are the ones you want.  They are grown with care in our awesome home made compost with added peat moss and perlite for balanced water retention and air flow.  NO PESTICIDES, NO CHEMICALS!  They have been fed organic fish spray once a week since early September so they are big, strong and healthy, ready to be transplanted. 

tomto rainbow
We have selected 28 of our favorite heirloom tomatoes, 4 eggplant varieties and 4 pepper varieties.
Cherry Tomatoes: Sungold, Brown Berry, Peacevine Cherry, Green Grape, Dr. Carolyn's and a variety passed down to me from a mentor farmer near Tallahassee called Herman's Little Yellow.
Small/Medium Fruit: Amish Gold, Amish Red, Ace 55, Green Zebra, Garden Peach, Earl of Edgecomb, Black Prince, Black Ethiopian, Chocolate Stripes, Orange Russian and a variety called Lime Green Salad that is perfect for growing in pots since the plants are miniature, but still produce abundantly.

Paste/Sauce Tomatoes: Jersey Devil, Amish Paste, Federle, Speckled Roman and Purple Russian.
Large Fruit: Gold Medal, Mexico, Rose, Charlie's Green, Black Krim, a variety developed by UF specifically for South Florida called Tropic and a Hawaiian variety called Kewalo.

Eggplant: Ping Tung Long, Louisiana Long Green, Rosita and Early Black 

Sweet Chinese Giant, Kim-Chi, my favorite drying chili India Jawala and a Hawaiian variety called Erawa.    
$4.00 each, every 5 get one free!

Buy 10, get a free packet of Nasturtium seeds, a beautiful companion plant for your garden with spicy edible flowers!


Try to bring trays, boxes or bags to carry your seedlings home.

We will also have a selection of seeds for sale, as well as our recycled cotton totes and home made calendula lip balms.