Goodbye Summer

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As I write this post, it is currently raining on one side of the house. 
Yep. Raining in the backyard, not raining in the front yard.
Only in Miami.

This summer went by SO fast. Every inch of every day was meticulously planned out which is exciting, and really isn't as it barely leaves room for spontaneity. But I loved it. I had fun, spent time with great friends, lots of sun, boat days, pool days, bbq's, bike rides and long hot ass walks. Everything summer should be, and luckily for us Miamians..this doesn't really ever end.

But alas, the playing around and extreme laziness must come to a brief halt as we go back to school/college, work becomes "serious" again and Christmas lights need to be unpacked (has anyone else noticed that Santa's Enchanted Forest off of the 826 is already lit up at!) 

This all means...I'll be entering the blogging world again. So much going on this week, and the next few weeks...Can't wait until my next serious break..Christmas (which will be here before you know it).

Hope you've all had a wonderful summer..Welcome back to I Heart Miami.