My Heart Won't Let You Go

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If you've ever actually read my blog, you may have noticed I've mentioned Haiti a few times..just a a Haitian-Lebanese-American (I know..confusing, I'm white!!..but there are a lot of us a-rabs in Haiti)..back to my point..I'm really excited to share this exhibit that will be at the AE District, 3852 N. Miami Ave. I wasn't able to attend the opening reception last night, but from the sights I grew up with in Haiti, I'm sure the pictures will be saddening and heartbreaking. Hopefully an eye opener to just how amazingly lucky we are, and how we should be happy/grateful for everything we DO have, and how to lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. I also hope the pictures share the beauty of Haiti (yes, there are still amazingly beautiful parts of Haiti) and the beauty of the people. I'll be passing by on Saturday during Art Walk..and I hope to share some pictures with you afterwards..Happy Artsy Weekend! 

Hennessy Black and Max Pierre invite you to experience the "My Heart Won't Let You Go" Photo Exhibit A PHOTOGRAPHER'S VIEW OF HAITI
April 6th, 2011 thru May 28th 2011

Pulitzer Prize Winner Patrick Farrell will be sharing some of his experiences shooting Haiti in a solo photography exhibition. We'll be showing a collection of his candid photographs captured during some of the most catastrophic moments Haiti and its people have endured over the past two decades. This exhibition reminds us of our vulnerability and limitations in the presence of nature and that our moral responsibility to fellow man is truly a responsibility to ourselves.