big night in little haiti: third fridays. produced by THE RHYTHM FOUNDATION and the LITTLE HAITI CULTURAL CENTER.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011
Little Haiti Cultural Center Plaza:212 NE 59 Terrace, Miami 33137
6PM - 10PM - free
Pokito + Jean P Jam in concert
Rara Kuyu and Universal Soul Arts in concert
Arts + Crafts
In the gallery:
Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance225 NE 59 Street, Miami 33137
6PM - 10PM - free
Global Caribbean II including highlights from the upcoming Contemporary Haitian Textiles exhibit
Open studio for painter / sculptor Eduard Duval Carrié
Open studio for photographer Carl Juste
Sweat Records5505 NE 2 Avenue, Miami 33137
7 - 9PM - free
Best of Sweat Variety Show including Casa de Haha and Pure Imagination live

7 Circuit Studios
228 NE 59 Street, Miami 33137
Gallery, store and bar open 8PM - 11PM, free
Nag Champayons in concert
Moksha All Stars with special guests
Concert admissions (after 11PM) $10