the kampong

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the kampong. have you ever heard of it? ever been there? 
have no idea what i'm talking about?! (it's a national tropical botanical garden in coconut grove) 
Biscayne Bay
i drive by the entrance every day. "the kampong". i try to take a quick look through the iron gates (and not run into the car in front of me) and wonder what on earth is back there!? i've had glimpses of the bay...and...that's about it. i've internet stalked them (haven't really found many pictures), google satellite mapped them, and so on.

their hours are definitely not people with jobs friendly (open tuesday-friday, excluding holidays, from 10am-2pm) and so this weekend, after scouring their website..i found this!!!

special guided tour: saturday, february 19, 10:30am-12:30pm, $20!!!! (reservations required) so....reservations have been made..i will finally be able to visit beyond the iron gate!!!! im so excited, and will share the experience afterwards :-)