ayiti cherie. sweet, sweet haiti.

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a moment of silence. a moment of prayer. one year ago today, my family's homeland felt the earth shake for a mere few minutes. an unstable country who has suffered through things we will never face nor possibly understand. one year, and things have not changed for the better. rubble is everywhere. tents are everywhere. malnutrition, lack of basic food and water, lack of proper toilets, people in the street, people in tents, children taken advantage of, women taken advantage of, nowhere to go, no transportation, no assistance from anyone other then yourself or your family, no education, the smell of diesel, the smell of fires and human waste. one year ago, haiti took a turn for the worst. so much outpouring and support from the world..yet 365 days later, the suffering continues. ayiti cherie, always in my heart. always in my thoughts. i think of you at this moment, and every moment. one year. still by your side. hoping for recovery. hoping for peace and unity. ayiti cherie.

memories of what my summers in haiti were

haiti, two months ago.