happy thanksgiving!!

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save the turkeys!!! 
whatever you do decide to eat today, i hope you are surrounded by loved ones, and grateful for all in your life!!

i am in paris visiting some family. extremely grateful they live here and always have a place for me to stay. instead of the "american thanksgiving", my day will consist of my own version of what thanksgiving should be: savoring crepe sucre, croque monsieur, macaroons, chocolate, pain au chocolat, the typical french baguette and some weird smelly but tasty cheese, champagne, beaujolais nouveau!!, haribo smurfs (the best gummy smurfs on earth, and only sold in france or germany, and the main reason i came here...i see my family on facebook!!!)  and giving thanks to my fellow frenchies for the weight i will ever so gladly gain, but then burn right off as i walk and climb millions of steps!!!!

i hope you have a lovely, warm, miami thanksgiving!!! lots of food, lots of naps!
happy thanksgiving


Carl said...

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