thinking about my country today...

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The Longest Two Minutes: Haiti quake kills hundreds of thousands from Phil Carpenter on Vimeo.

It's been nine months, since the earthquake struck Haiti.
Nine months, and only 2% of the rubble has been cleared.
Nine months, and people are still living in worse conditions then they were before.
Living in tent cities, no mattresses, just dirty muddy sheets, unsanitary, can't even take a proper pee or poo, drink clean water.

As a woman, not knowing how and when you can feed your children. Worrying as you close your eyes, whether some disgusting sick man will rip your clothes and rape you, or your daughters.

Help from all over the world came in an instant. And after all the countries did what they could in terms of rescuing, they left..all promising large donations, forever to help Haiti. Where are they now?

Even locally, we can't get our act together. Politics plays into every damn decision.

When did we forget we are human?? When did we lose the urgency and compassion to help and aid people without wondering what the benefits to ourselves would be? 

Blah, I can go on and on an on and express my views and opinions, but the reality is, while I sit in a clean, air-conditioned place with access to a clean bathroom, and food in the fridge..It's still an immensely sad and horrible condition in Haiti..and change (the word we love and loathe) needs to start happening NOW.

(photos below were taken by mom who was visiting family in haiti, taken in july 2010)