Miami Music Festival Returns..November 12-14, 2010

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Last year was the inaugural year for the Miami Music Festival, and glad to see that it is coming back this November. $25 advanced purchase for the 3-day pass, is a great deal to spend a weekend supporting our local bands and venues! The schedule hasn't been posted yet, but stay tuned here:

The Miami Music Festival and its emerging artists' conference return this November with a new and expanded schedule, new venues and more new music than ever. The MMF will again feature acts in a wide variety of genres from Florida, around the U.S. and around the world, performing for the music industry, the press, the local community of music fans and visitors to Miami. In 2010, the festival will add shows in major theaters, two daytime, multi-stage sessions and use of more clubs throughout the city. Working with "Live Miami," a new initiative promoting the city's live music venues, and as the centerpiece of "Live Music Month in Miami," The Miami Music Festival is taking its next steps in support of live musical performance and emerging artists.
The Festival's conference will again give emerging artists the opportunity to refine their craft, interact with industry experts, and network with other artists from around the world. And exhibitors will again have the opportunity to present their products and services to artists on the rise. Now in its second year, The Miami Music Festival is itself emerging as a premier event for discovering and enjoying new music in one of the greatest entertainment cities in the world.