back to life..back to reality!

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welcome back! back to school...back to work..back to reality..back to miami traffic..
actually..traffic wasn't so bad this morning. i was expecting it to be a lot worse..but perhaps people took off today to bring their little ones to school.. i'll revise my thoughts on this by thursday..

i've been a little MIA from the blog world. just like we need vacation from work..i needed a vacation from the internet! (i'm sure some of the other miami blogs and google helped you out in the meantime) i must say that i've been playing with twitter alot though, and it surely is an interesting form of social networking/media! i'm still trying to get the hang of @'s and #'s and #FF's (still don't know what this stands for, but it happens on fridays! fantastic friday? finally friday? friday forever? i dont know..) and ok..some things i really don't if you follow me on twitter and @ or # me..and i don't respond..please don't take offense to it..i have no idea what the hell they mean..and i kinda just figured out the whole RT and reply feature! (follow us at your own risk @iheartmiami305)

so i hope to get back in the hang of weekly posts and updates, and forgive me if it takes me some time to get back into it ;-) it's been a long nap, and im still rolling around in bed.

more importantly..I Heart Miami was invited to participate in the Chevy Cupcake Crawl. i'd like to thank Midtown Chica for posting a blog about this..cause really, the minute i saw your post, i signed up. ummm. CUPCAKES. hell yeah. i'm truly excited to be able to participate in this :-) i really enjoy meeting new people in Miami, and experiencing new things...and new cars...and most importantly..cupcakes!!! ahhh so excited :-)

stay tuned. :-) happy back to school week.