Shape Bikini Body Tour: South Beach

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Saturday May 15th

Celebrate the summer with SHAPE at two hot beach
locations from 9am to 4pm for our 2nd annual Bikini Body Tour!

• Get swimsuit-ready in group fitness classes taught by Equinox® instructors. A class fee of $10 is required
to participate with proceeds to benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation.
• See an exclusive summer fashion show hosted by SHAPE’s Executive Style Director
• Try your luck at sand-tastic games of chance
• Visit SHAPE beach cabanas for the latest trends in beauty, fitness and more!
• Take away a product packed swag bag*
Click here to check out video from the 2009 event

Classes: South Beach

Dance Fitness Workout: Equal parts dance, sculpt and cardio; a fun infusion of vitality and grace that will raise your spirit and your heart rate. Low impact but high definition.
ABSolution: Work a series of six-pack defining exercises to get to the core of your abdominal strength. Build a strong and flexible abdomen, waist, and lower back by working tarditional and yoga-inspired core strength exercises.
Fast, Fit & Fabulous! This 45-minute class utilizes integrated strength, cardio and power drills designed to melt away fat–fast! Get your entire workout done in less than an hour!
Dolphins Cheerleader Workout: Get the body you desire with this simple, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader-inspired, spirited workout. Focused movements for increasing strength, stamina, coordination, and flexibility target muscles used to develop a sleek and toned cheerleader body.
Muay Thai Kickboxing: Known as the “King of the Ring”, Muay Thai incorporates punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to wear out the opponent.
Super Sexy ABS: Get your six-pack back with this non-stop abdominals class created by Jewel Elizabeth Partridge to sexify your midsection.
Rio Extreme: A Brazilian inspired interval workout. Cardio moves from capoeira, samba, and maracatu combine with serious strength training to get your amazing Ipanema beach body svelte and ready all year long.
Super Sexy Sculpt: Hits all the major muscle groups with intensity and soul. Come to focus on proper technique, flexibilty training and coordination. Leave super sexy and strong.
Beach Booty Camp: Define every inch of your physique in this fun total body mind conditioning and calorie burning beach booty class.
Total Body Stretch: Wind down by stretching out all the major muscle groups using a variety of stretch techniques. A total body stretch for flexibility, improved circulation, stress-reduction and relaxation for the body and the mind.