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I’m so sad to say that I will be out of town this weekend and will be missing out on SO much!!! Michael Buble (I just haven’t met you yet…and how am I going to meet you out of town!!!!! Call me?! Private show?!) AIR!!!!! (The first time they play Florida..and of course it’s the weekend I’m away..) March Wynwood and Design District Art Walks (hopefully not a freezing night like the past two art walks have been) The Miami International Film Festival is still going on….Calle Ocho on Sunday for the very brave admission is free (although some of the music lineup is pretty good and $30 for the 8th street stage area ..Spam All Stars, Locos por Juana, Mayday, Suenalo, Pittbull (secret love, it’s a Miami thing..), Green Monkey free yoga class at the Viceroy Icon. Have an awesome weekend Miami...wish I could be around for all the fun!!! Oh, and has Spring Break officially started yet? South Beach, beware...


Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening

Nordstrom Rack will have a grand opening at The Palms at Town & Country in Kendall with a 'Race Through The Rack' sweepstakes (to enter you must be 18, a legal U.S. resident and be present to win). The sweepstakes winner will be the first to enter the store and will have 90 seconds to run through the store grabbing up to $2,000 worth of merchandise. The winner will be chosen at 8:45 a.m. Doors open at 9 a.m.

Battle of the Bands @ Transit Lounge

Friday Night:

Michael Buble at the BankAtlantic Center

DWNTWN Concert Series: Bachaco
DWNTWN Concert Series


Key Biscayne Regatta (umm..cold water!!)

AIR at The Fillmore Miami Beach

Fairchild Tropical Garden International Orchid Festival
Fairchild's 8th Annual International Orchid Festival

Second Saturdays Art Walk in Wynwood and the Design District

Upper Wynwood Arts District Openings
29th Street the corridor

Sammer Gallery
82 NE 29th St.
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Fl 33137
305 441 2005
Gallery Hours
Tue – Fri: 10 - 6

kelleyCarmelo Arden Quin, Coplanal blanc-blue, 1945, oil on wood,
35 x 27 cm

Arden Quin. Bolívar. Bay. Kosice. Llorens. Laañ. Rothfuss. Uricchio.
Eight artists that were part of the Madí group. Madí is a modern art movement known for bright colors and bold geometric forms. In architecture, sculpture and painting, Madí art uses abundant circles, waves, spheres, arches, spirals, and stripes. The word Madí may be originated in letters taken from the name Carmelo Arden Quin, the Uruguayan artist who founded the Madí movement in the 1940’s. Or perhaps the term comes from the English word mad, or from the Spanish description of the movement Movimiento Artístico de Invención.

The focal point of the Madí movement was a break within the figurative tradition. Some of the most original innovations of this movement were the concepts of invention as an aesthetic artistic method and the irregular or trimmed frame. The leimotiv od the Madí was to break the representation line in art in favor of the idea of presenting the work of art as an object itself, showing its own elements without any further reference to reality.


Kelley roy Gallery
50 NE 29 St. N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 444 0004
Gallery Hours
Tue - Fri 10- 5 and by appointment

Gallery Night Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

kelleyJoe Hahn, My Little Man.

Until March 20
Small Works. Group Show Debris of Abstraction II. Mimi Bates.

Critics have described Bates’ work as “an artistic dialogue with Twombly, Rauschenberg, and Rothko.” “Her asymmetrical bi-polar masses of color may apprehend a point/counterpoint in sync with Rothko’s own renowned series of “Untitleds.” “Bates and Twombly are both creatures of exile: he overlooks the Mediterranean from the Roman coast, whilst she seems in permanent exile on her hilltop overlooking the Pacific”. Bates work is included in many private and corporate collections from Washington, Boston, Greenwich and Palm Beach, to La Jolla, Palm Springs and Honolulu.

Joe Hahn. Structures at Kelley Roy Gallery New Series of Paintings, Samadhi-Luz and Unfolding Series (My Little Man). Samadhi is a Hindu and Buddhist term that describes a state of consciousness in which the perception of the experiencing subject becomes the experienced object. Hahn’s paintings appear to either dance or float in a serene state of existence. Hahn’s distinct language brings together traditional methods from Asian art and modern expressions of neo-minimalist aesthetics.

March 25 - May 1
Hairball Cosmology, a group exhibition featuring emerging local artists
Curated by Tomm El-Saieh.


Calix Gustav Gallery
98 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33127
305 576 8116

Gallery Night Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

Luis PerezEric Torriente, Hail Crystals, 2009, mixed oil on wood,
30 x 35 5 in.

Until April 1st
Yvonne Cordoba. Eric Torriente. Max A. Kraushaar Featuring: Agustin de Llanos
The exhibition aims to display classically trained figurative, young, emerging artists who utilize contemporary subject matters. Promising Venezuelan artist, Yvonne Cordobaexplores various esoteric themes, the most present being solitude, which she illustrates as a necessary means through which to achieve self-awareness as both an artist and as an individual.

Rising Chilean talent, Max A. Kraushaar uses reflections of his own subconscious to create what he calls "Expressive Surrealistic Mixed Media. "

Flourishing Cuban artist, Eric Torriente presents works from his latest portfolio releases Outbound Tales and The Last Glaciation. The selected works from Outbound Tales are expressionistic depictions of old stories and past revelations.

Finally, breaking from the figurative, thriving experimental Spanish artist Agustin de Llanos, presents an abstract series of clean, minimalist, elegant works that play with light, dimension, textures and mediums, which he calls "shadows of absences". The exhibition intends to display new forms of conceptual ideas in classic planes of the figurative and abstract.

Luis Perez GaLería at the Awarehouse
550 NW 29th St.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 379 3763

Gallery Night Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

Luis PerezDarryl Strawser, Salted

A Retrospective Exhibition
Featuring 10 Years Of Photography From The Miami Ad School
Curated by Darryl Strawser

Moris Moreno, Sid Hoeltzell, Ken Pao, Claudia Calle, Laura Tillinghast, Josh Gaddy, Sam Beasley, Ariela Grossman, Carolina del Rivero, Jeff Irwin, Heather Talbert, Samantha Scott, Alfredo Gugig, Tom Biondo, Matias Bilbao, Ginny Dixon and Darryl Strawser

The retrospective exhibition, featuring ten years of contemporary photography by the school’s students, past and present, will include an intimate “Darryl-rama” showcase of images by the student-of-life, Darryl Strawser, along with works by the renowned still-life artist Moris Moreno and Sid Hoeltzell, a teacher at the school, also known for his art exhibits on some of the biggest cruise liners in the world. Host Ron Seichrist will also be donating artwork from his own collection along with other artists, including Ken Pao, Claudia Calle, Laura Tillinghast, Josh Gaddy, Sam Beasley, Ariela Grossman, Carolina del Rivero, Jeff Irwin, Heather Talbert, Samantha Scott, Alfredo Gugig, Tom Biondo, Matias Bilbao and Ginny Dixon

This exhibition is an effort to raise funds for the Give Darryl A Lift foundation and the special need for an elevator in the home of Darryl Strawser, to better serve his mobility as he copes with this fatal neuromuscular disease.The Retrospective aims to raise $30,000 by April this year.

32nd Street

Bakehouse art complex
561 NW 32 St
Miami, FL 33127
305 576 2828
Gallery hours:
Mon - Sun, 12 - 5

Gallery Night Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

BakehousePablo Cano

Found Object/Found Love: 30 Years of Art with Pablo Cano
Co-Curated by Anthony Ardavin & Lauren Wagner, this celebratory thirtieth year of art will take a look back at the early work of Cano and follow him on his artful journey beginning in Baltimore and ending back here in his beloved Miami. Found Object/ Found Love will feature unique never-before shown oil paintings, figurative sculptures, ceramics and of course, his notable marionettes.

Accompanying the exhibition, Pablo Cano has teamed up with master puppeteer Jim Hammond to create “DOG”, a Shadow Puppet Play. It is a story about a Dog who pursues a “red squeaky ball” through famous paintings and sculptures in art history. The ball is used as a metaphor for each of our simplest pursuits of happiness.

Using miniature style of overhead projector shadow puppetry that Jim has used in commissions by New World Symphony and The Museum of Art - Fort Lauderdale, Pablo and Jim have developed a surreal non-linear world that explores scale and two dimensional details. Keeping true with his use of found materials for his artwork, Pablo created each shadow puppet from plastic BEWARE OF THE DOG signs. “DOG” brings together art education, music and entertainment to young and old alike.

North Miami Avenue

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
3326 N Miami Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 984 0650
Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri 10 - 6
Sat 11 - 4

Gallery Night Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

Ena Marrero, Untitled, coal installation, 2010

Love, Infatuation or Lust
Catalina Jaramillo. Angelica Clyman. Kate Kretz. Ingrid Eliasson & Jennifer Basile. Juan Griego. Donna Torres. Tamara Hervera. Gretchen Scharnagl. Maria Lino. Hugo Moro. Natasha Duwin. Julie Friel. Jules Lusson. Luisa Mesa. Venessa Monokian. Gary Fonseca. Magda Ortiz. Aleli Egues. Orion Mansfield. Rochi Llaneza. Grettel J. Singer. Curated by Rochi Llaneza

When you seek love, you can become saturated with infatuation or lust. The question we pose is if there is a clear difference? It’s an experiment. The visual expression of these emotions is the goal. To accomplish this, we gathered a group of artists who have or have had links to Florida International University with the objective to reach out and support local artists with the hope that love and solidarity bounds us.

Art/Musical Collective{In-Boxes}. Daniel E. Fernandez & Kenneth Martinson

36th street

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 9994

Gallery Hours
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 7:30
Sat 1- 6
Private viewing by appt.

Opening Reception Saturday March 13, 7 – 10

Dot 51
Leslie Gabaldon, Needed Persona, Photography and Digital imagining manipulation on ultra board and PVC Dimension: 45” height.

Until April 30
Leslie Gabaldon. Goody Two Shoes.
Maria Cristina Carbonell.
An idyllic world. (Project Room Second)

Leslie Gabaldon’s brazenly and naughtily entitled Goody Two-Shoes stems from this notion and continues with the exploration sparked by “Domestic Intimacies” (2007) in which the artist entered the secret moments of a household’s everyday life. Goody Two-Shoes will present a series of photographic work that embodies an expression of women's sociological memory and their personal, ideological, and professional issues in the contemporary world.

An Idyllic World is the private, intimate, and seemingly schizophrenic universe of the feminine characters I have created in my videos and paintings. My heroines are inspired by Nordic fairytales as well as by old legends and myths. Their allegorical existence is what defines their personalities and what makes them the visual element that triggers my stories; their presence alone makes evident how absurd the reality that surrounds them really is.” -Maria Cristina Carbonell


art rouge Gallery
46 NW 36th St.
Miami FL,33127
P: 305 448 2060

Mon - Fri 11 - 6 Sat. by appt.

Opening Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10

Dot 51
Evelyn Valdirio, The Search of the Blue Rose, 2010, oil,mixed,canvas, 54 x 42 in.

Evelyn Valdirio. Blue Rose Journey
Sergio Garcia
. Recent Works
Valdirio’s art is enchanting, magical, derived from a spiritual realm that is revealed to us through a soul that aspires to offset every weakness with optimism. Through complex symbolisms that are logical connections to the human and social conditions. She poses questions of deep intellectual meanings while allowing the viewer to mediate a kind of elusive beauty, often barred from today’s art. She encourages the exploration of image and surface to gaze within, as if peering into a mirror, ourselves and life’s secrets.

Valdirio’s art is enchanting, magical, derived from a spiritual realm that is revealed to us through a soul that aspires to offset every weakness with optimism. Through complex symbolisms that are logical connections to the human and social conditions. She poses questions of deep intellectual meanings while allowing the viewer to mediate a kind of elusive beauty, often barred from today’s art. She encourages the exploration of image and surface to gaze within, as if peering into a mirror, ourselves and life’s secrets.


Bottero STUDIO
17 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 6303

Gallery Hours
by appt.

Meet the Artist
Gallery Night Reception
Sat Mar 13, 7 – 10

Dot 51
Daniel Bottero, Reaching To Love, mixed media on canvas, 2006, 86 x 82 in.

Daniel Bottero. The Love of the Poet
“Our past, our present and our future all influence my paintings. Each painting I create is an essential part of my inner being. My work speaks many languages, communicates on several levels at the same time. A unique psychological interaction between reality and fantasy, one that transports the observer into a dreamlike encounter with the sublime.” Daniel Bottero

"Bottero is ... a poet painter, that is, a painter who uses the medium to convey the poetry of his emotions ..." Donald Kuspit

Today Bottero works in his studios in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami and in Buenos Aires. Bottero graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires. He earned his Master’s Degree at the Academia Italiana di Belle Arti, Lucca, Italy. From 1986 to 1990 Bottero resided and worked in Paris. Since 1990 he has lived and worked in New York. Bottero’s work has been shown throughout the world. His paintings are featured in the corporate collections of Citibank, Xerox, Avon, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Second Saturday

Design District Art & Design Night Openings


101 / exhibit
101 NE 40th St.
Miami, FL 33137
305 573 2101

Tue – Sat: 11 – 7

Opening Reception with the artist
Sat Mar 13, 7 – 10

101Robert Fleisher, The Hug, Watercolor on Paper, 2009,
30 x 22 in.

Robert Fleisher. Recent Works
Robert Fleisher refuses to look at the world the way the rest of us do. The self-taught painter, who resides in Miami Beach, creates microscopically detailed work using watercolor and oil. Meticulously rendered faces, hands, hair, buildings, and textures in Fleisher’s paintings may for a moment be mistaken as ordinary representation, but not for long. A closer look reveals that conventions of space, perspective, matter and gravity are broken at will.

Stream-of-consciousness associations abound in his work, and often present the viewer a distinct sense of disorientation. Strange characters and odd juxtapositions make frequent appearances along with the ordinary, challenging the viewer to mine his or her own associations for meaning.

Signs, symbols and words often play a powerful role in his paintings. Billboards, advertisements and graffiti make frequent appearances. But again, Fleisher reads them his own way, revealing to us their oblique and hidden meanings.


Diaspora Vibe Gallery
3938 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4046



Tues – Fri 11-6,
Sat. By Appt.

Art & Design Night Reception,
Sat Mar 13, 7 – 10

PressitonImagePatrick de Castro, Procession, Enamel, charcoal, magazine cutout, thumbtack on board, 2009, 40 x 32 n.

Until March 25th
Patrick de Castro. Jacqueline Arnette.
Hugo Moro
Mirrors, Messages, Manifestations

For Patrick, the clearest thought is “change is the only constant”. By eliminating “excess baggage”, he emphasizes working conceptually, under the pretext of “less is more”. Using rich color fields, he explores form and space, and creates collages from old books, magazines and found objects. He investigates dreams and archetypes of the collective unconscious, developing symbols as images that refer to oneself and operating in a space of human consciousness that transcends history and culture.

Hugo Moro and Jacquenette Arnette are both artists that work intuitively using found materials or appropriate references freely in accordance to their motives. Just from their return from the Ghetto Biennale in Haiti they wanted to begin a dialogue about the relevance and haphazard nature of communication. The experience of being in that environment using the most basic of communication in order to get ideas across and actions was impactful. The resulting work will discuss the fundamentals of perception using the construct of a double helix. The building block of life that is the most basic of constructions is as an emblem of the constructive nature of communication.

Also this month. for the International Cultural Exchange Biennale “As Far As The Eye Can See”, March 11-15, Diaspora Vibe Gallery is taking to Puerto Rico 26 people to work with the Puerto Rican artists and staff of Universidad del Sagrado Corazon.


1 NE 40 Street, #5
Miami, FL 33137
786 362 5546
Mon. – Sat. 11-6

Art & Design Night Reception,
Sat Mar 13, 7 – 10

PressitonImageAlain Godon, I Love Tango

Alain Godon
Artist In Residence
GodonAmerica is devoted exclusively to the work of French artist Alain Godon and his limited editions series. His paintings and giclée prints reveal the essence of a city - its people, culture, monuments, and architecture - and his playful imagination infuses his work with humor, that is defined by expressive lines and rich vivid colors. In April 2010, Godon visits Miami to seek inspiration to paint the city’s iconic sites and capture its international spirit.

He has exhibited in major art capitals around the world including New York, Moscow, Bali, and Paris. Christian Boeringer, former Commercial Director of the Louvre Museum, and Patrice Deparpe, Director of the Museum of Le Touquet, have dedicated an entire book to Alain Godon, declaring him one of the best painters of his generation.

Alain Godon’s signed limited edition series are sold at GodonAmerica Miami, and through a network of godonDealers.


Green Monkey Yoga

Calle Ocho
(New Times has a great show lineup here: