Miami Music Festival

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As mentioned previously here, Miami Music Festival is right around the corner.
I'm not quite sure how much promotion has been going on, but hopefully they intend to promote this event a lot more during the next two weeks.

The event is scheduled to take place right after Art Basel, December 10-12, 2009 all over Downtown Miami and Brickell.

The lineup promises 600 events, 25 stages, and ONE wristband required to attend all events.
Price tag: For all three days, $50 ($35 for students); For one day, $25 ($20 student).
If you aren't mathematically inclined, find your old student id, and buy the three day pass for $35.

The schedule is posted here, and is pretty much your typical, complex venue listing.

The majority of the acts seem to be local South Florida bands (which is awesome!) and if you're looking to know more, check out their website