Wynwood District: Second Saturdays 10/10

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Wynwood Gallery WAlk / Second Saturday
North Miami Avenue

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
3326 N Miami Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
786 488 4375
Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri 10 - 6
Sat 11 - 4

Gallery Night Reception Sat. October 10, 7 – 11

Rochi Llaneza, Too Late Now, video/sculpture, 2009

No Criteria. IV New Media Festival.
Curated by Rochi Llaneza and Andreina Fuentes

Jonathan Rockford’s 3 piece installation TRANSMISSIONS,
Berta Jayo’s video SO SORRY, Maria Lino’s RAIN-WATER, Robert Zuckerman’sGUMBONATION,
Juan Requena’s
projections Bettas and Ants,
MILCHO’s video sculpture III,
Norma Catan’s video installation NOMADE,
Rochi Llaneza’s statement on bleached corals TOO LATE NOW,
Afro-Cuban choreographer
Neri Torres turned videographer’s piece in homage to her mother In the River of Her Eyes,
Julie L Friel’s video animation Powerlines, the premier of music video and performance by Dear Dad, Yours Truly, artist Aisen Chacin, European Manuela Covini, and Carlos Trilnick, among others.

Mariano Costa Peuser. Anti-Art Man. Photography Mariano Costa-Peuser with Anti-Art Man;
Exquisite photographs on the contemporary human condition.

Ideobox Art Space
2417 N. Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 9878

Gallery hours:
Mon – Fri 9 – 5
Sat by appt. only

Gallery Night Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 – 11

Rodrigo Echeverri, Enfrentamientos, 2009,
28 x 81 in.

Ideobox Artspace Current Exhibition
Ideobox Artspace is currently presenting a collective exhibition by Carola Bravo, Rodrigo Echeverri Calero, and Francisco Salazar. All three exhibitions play with space, geometrics, and human connections.

Carola Bravo- Venezuelan artist and architect uses charcoal on marble fragments to illustrate the spatial relationship of lines. The minimalist aesthetics of her intriguing geometric structures play with lines that almost mirror the relationship between people and space.

Rodrigo Echeverri Calero-Colombian artist deals with the political undertones of his country through a creation of geometric coffin like shapes. The 3d effect of his work gives an illusion that the forms are reaching out. Each piece has visual depth conveying a cultural reflection.

Francisco Salazar- Venezuelan artist shows the subtle impact of geometry with his pieces. Each form has a cut out creating optical movement in space. Pure white forms are minimal and shown together brings space together..

Diana Lowenstein
Fine Arts

2043 N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 1804
Gallery hours:
Tues– Fri 10- 5
Sat 10 - 3

Opening Reception,
Sat. October 10, 7 - 10

Diana Lowenstein
Cecilia Paredes, Rhythmic Garland, 2009, Acid-free photographic paper print

Until November 23
Cecilia Paredes. Fugitive Dreams

Paredes’ work recognizes the inherent relationship between the origins of humanity and the natural world. Her balance between traditional artistic methods and the incorporation of natural elements creates a genuinely beautiful fusion and contrast between art and nature – where her art always seems to insinuate itself. In the process of creating and interpreting, the artist is seeking a poetic connection to the world. And the art produced through her investigations has created a window into a reality where she expertly delivers to us a simultaneous sense of enchantment and verisimilitude. An Animal in Her Time, by Ruth Miller and Mark Jew.

Until November 10
Chris Natrop. Dewdrop Cloud Machine
Project Room
Transparent plastics, video projection and multi-channel audio are often employed alongside works of intricate, hand-cut paper to create fully immersive environments within gallery and museum spaces.

From October 29
Clemencia Labin. Dopin Pulpa
Paula Otegui. Metáforas de la Naturaleza

DLFA will be open on Thursday, October 29th until 8 pm.

2nd Avenue

MacArt Group
2727 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 572 9860

Hours: Mon - Fri 10 - 6
Saturday by appt.

Gallery Night Reception
Sat October 12, 6 - 9

Tico Torres, Nude #2 - Original Painting on Canvas

Tico Torres. Preview
Tico Torres' wide-ranging talent takes on Miami with an unprecedented retrospective of his fine art.Tico is a world class musician who is internationally recognized as the drummer for the rock band, Bon Jovi.

As a world class musician, internationally recognized for his gift and talent, he has over the past years expanded his artistic endeavors to the world of fine arts.

His aspirations as a painter are as ambitious as those as Tico the musician. His growing body of work continues to receive notice of collectors and the art press. Whether sketching while on tour with his band, Bon Jovi, or painting in his New Jersey studio or home in Florida, Tico's inspiration comes from life experiences.

His one night show at the MAC Art Group gallery on
December 5th
will benefit the Tico Torres Children foundation.

alejandra von hartz gallery
2630 NW 2nd. avenue
Miami, Fl 33127
305 438 0220
Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri 11- 6
Sat 12 - 5
August by appt. only

Gallery Night Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 -10

Alejandra von Hartz
Ameztoy, The Sources of the Nile 3, 2009, Acrylic on canvas, 49 x 51 in.

Until October 31
Manuel Ameztoy.
The Sources of the Nile
Ameztoy displays a wide range of pieces that fully represents his diverse work and its most recent evolution: paper cutouts in Plexiglas boxes, paintings, textile cutouts, and photographs of land-art interventions.

Ameztoy’s most recognizable work are the handmade-cutouts contained in Plexiglas boxes, and have been previously shown in the United States on various occasions. The pieces for the current exhibition make up a series of highly elaborate pieces of painted cutout curtains of mirrored mylar, reminiscent of the handcraft techniques of Mexican “papel picado” and Japanese “kirigami”. As in a fantastical scene, the vegetable pattern cutouts of acetate mirror unveil the depths of a pristine forest where Hokusai’s explorers share a vision of The Sources of the Nile.

“I create the paintings and the boxes overlapping many layers of images. I intend to produce visual instability; pieces that show an image partly-produced and partly-invented by the imagination of the observer, the “beholder”... I like it when the memory of what was seen remains unstable, like in dreams.” M.A.


Dina Mitrani Gallery
2620 NW 2nd. Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
786 486 7248

Tues - Fri, 1- 5 and by appt.

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 7- 10

Cabado, Lights, 2006, archival pigmented print

Pablo Cabado. Recent Work
Pablo Cabado, Guggenheim Fellowship recipient in 2002, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied photography in Mexico City and since then has been exhibiting his photographs in the U.S., France, Italy, The Netherlands, Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.

The photographs in this exhibition are a selection from two separate recent series, one in color and the other in black and white. The color project, 37°57'35 S 57°34'49 W documents a mysterious and abandoned amusement park, inhabited by ruined rides and the echoes of the culture that once was. His black and white photographs also explore buildings and dark landscapes where life once thrived. All of Cabado's images are created with a keen eye for texture and a sensibility for tonal gradations that are a feast for the viewers' eyes.

Cabado currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. He photographs with a large format camera (8x10" and 4x5") and travels in his 1971 Ford Falcon.

PanAmerican ArtProjects
2450 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, 33127
305 573 2400

Gallery hours:
Mon-Friday 9:30- 5:30
Saturday 12-5:30

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 6 - 9
Artists will attend

Paul Manes, The Entry of Christ into New York II, 2006, Oil on canvas, 91 x 175.25 in

Until Nov. 7
Paul Manes. Armando Mariño. Paintings

In this exhibition we are bringing together the works of two painters: Paul Manes and Armando Mariño.

Paul Manes
observes life through a magnifying glass. His paintings elevate common place objects and scenes to a new dimension. Manes sees the inner beauty of everyday objects. He brings to our attention the enchantment of daily life; emphasizing the notion of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

In his paintings Armando Mariño explores the impact of petroleum on daily life. The controversial theme sets the stage for a satirical commentary on both economic and social issues prevalent in the United States.Furthermore, Mariño reflects on the ecological impact of exploiting oil from the earth.

Pablo Soria
Project Room
Nocturnal views of rural landscapes. Small collages in which he places dilapidated country houses against the backdrop of a starry night. His photography evokes sensations of nostalgia, while his painted starry nights seduce the viewer with romanticism.


Chelsea Gallery
2441 NW 2nd. Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 2950

Gallery Hours:
Tue – Fri, 10 – 5; Sat 12 – 5

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 – 11

Eduardo del Valle & Mirta Gómez, ON VIEW, Yucatan, Mexico 2001-2006

On View.
Eduardo del Valle & Mirta Gómez

On View, a new exhibition by the husband and wife team of photographers takes us on a rare and astonishing journey into the transformation of the human form after death. In the rural cemeteries of Yucatan, Mexico the dead are not normally embalmed before burial. Typically the remains are unearthed after three years in the ground and transferred to an ossuary of makeshift container for all eternity and for all to view.

On View offers a strikingly beautiful and memorable selection of 24 chromogenic photographs printed by the artists from original negatives. The exhibition opens with an insightful excerpt from The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz.

A companion exhibition featuring 17 additional images from this portfolio can be seen through December 6, 2009 at the Frost Art Museum, located on the campus of Florida International University.


dpm Gallery
2441 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33127
305 283 4480

Gallery Hours:
Thu-Sat 12 - 5 or appt.

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 – 10

Also opening the Last Thursday till 8 pm

SammerRoberto Noboa, Ping Pong y Tenis Rural, Acrylic on canvas, 2008, 58 x 79

Roberto Noboa Vallarino
El Tennis me sirve de Pretexto para Pintar
El tenis me sirve de pretexto para pintar, se trata de pintar antes que nada. Desde comprar tubos de pintura, y ponerla sobre la tela, el papel o lo que sea, es lo mejor. Pinto para crear mundos en base a recuerdos y cosas que vivo y veo. Las canchas son espacios abiertos que contienen formas geométricas, a veces, se mezclan con otra fascinación que siempre he tenido que es pintar animales. Ahora trato de mezclar estas cosas y también aparece un tenista, o un encordador de raquetas que por alguna razón me hace pensar en Vermeer. Ahora me ha dado por poner alfombras en las canchas, definitivamente me gusta el efecto, sobre ellas, mesas de ping-pong." R. N. V.

dpm gallery (Guayaquil since 1989 / Mami since 2006) focus on contemporary art with special emphasis from the Americas. Gallery activities include four to five annual fair participation plus ten yearly exhibits both in Guayaquil-Ecuador and Miami locations.


Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery Miami
2441 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
786 693 8155
305 573 1333
Gallery Hours:
Wed to Sat 12- 5 or by appointment

Opening Night Reception Sat. October 10, 6 - 9

LylieLuciano Goizueta, Re-creacion, Acrylic on canvas, 2009,
94 x 71 in.

Shuffle by Luciano Goizueta,
& Collective Show

"First ever solo show in USA by the emerging artist from Costa Rica, Luciano Goizueta


Jose Bedia, Cruz Azaceta, Duval Carrie, García Cordero, Gerard Ellis, Jorge Pineda, Victor Payares, Hulda Guzman, Gustavo Peña, Juan Erlich.


Harold Golen Gallery
2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 989 3359
Only by appt.

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 – 11

Until November 7th
Sweetness & Light. Dienzo & Valery Milovic

Rick “Dienzo” Blanco is a Los Angeles area artist whose collection of dark little characters are meant to intrigue, entice and perhaps cause a bit of anxiety. His experience in commercial art as an award-winning designer spans over 15 years. His most recent style is greatly influenced by his work for Disney, Mattel and most recently, Cartoon Network. In creating his art, Dienzo sees the technical aspect as,“taking the world of cartoon like characters and rendering them in the traditional medium of acrylic on canvas. From a content perspective, it’s drawing from the influence of pop-culture elements and experiences as a kid like watching The Monsters and The Addams Family or visiting the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.”

Valery Milovic
Valerie’s inspiration for her paintings come from human frailties and death (things we all have in common), also vintage celluloid, tin and plush toys, cartoons, comics, old black and white photographs and skulls. Patch work bunnies and rag dolls, usually smoking, drinking or both, are the reoccurring characters that tell her story of loneliness and feeling like an outcast, which she identifies with greatly. Broken Toyland, inspired by the book ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’, (she highly recommends reading it if you haven’t yet), is the name of the world these endearing characters live, with patters, drips scrapes, layers and whatever else, sets the atmosphere for her charming and wonderful acrylic on canvas paintings.


Durban Segnini Gallery
2145 NW 2nd. Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
304 774 7740

Open day & night 24/7

SammerJesus Soto, Penetrable BBL Blue, 365 x 400 x 1400 cm., 1999, Edition 2/8

Jesus Soto
Penetrable BBL Blue, 1999

Enjoy this spectacular Soto at Durban Segnini new open space in Wynwood. Soto was a Venezuelan artist (1923 – 2005). He was a sculptor and painter and is most famous for his op art and kinetic art works. Soto is particularly well known for his penetrables, interactive sculptures which consist of square arrays of thin, dangling tubes through which observers can walk. It has been said of Soto's art that it is inseparable from the viewer; it can only stand completed in the illusion perceived by the mind as a result of observing the piece.

Durban-Segnini Gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1970 and in Miami, USA in 1992, by its present director and owner Mr. Cesar Segnini.

Durban-Segnini Gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, emphasizing in artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction and kinetic art.Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced those.


Abro Gallery
by ada Balcacer
2137 NW 2nd. Ave
Miami, FL 33127
786 348 2100

Gallery Hours:
Tues - Sat 10 – 7

Gallery Night Reception
Sat October 10, 6 - 9

AbroMarian Balcacer

Marian Balcacer. Italian Veggies and Artifacts. Series
The art-photographer gives the star role to familiar herbs , veggies and artifacts ; forcing the viewer to question the traditional hand pencil drawing of the Italian “ chiaroscuro “ and the contemporary photo-technique over fine art paper . The subtle color application masters the image to impressive beauty . The artist works in Milan ,Italy .Her photographs are in the permanent collection of Abro Gallery .

36th street

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 9994

Gallery Hours
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 7:30
Sat 1- 6
Private viewing by appt.

Gallery Opening Reception Sat. October 10, 7:30 - 11

Dot 51
Natalie Silva, Jo Jo Ma, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2009,
67 x 63

Until October 30
Natalie Silva. Girls with Guns
“ Girls with guns” paintings are a series of women casually, and poignantly, based on those heroines who played lead roles in crime thrillers from the late 60s and 70s. The works of this Italian artist is the result of “victim vs. predator”, a sort of full circle on the series done in the past. It’s a playful vision regardless of the lethality of the gun, although guns don’t kill… people do. These paintings reflect a power struggle of the perception or prejudice we have toward the symbolism of weapons and the softness of women.

Almost 40 years later, Natalie Silva decided to pay homage those inspirational women by bringing them back to the XXI century in a very personal way, giving them life with her artistic and talented sensibility.

Fissure Postcard. Juan Cristobal and Patricio Bezanilla


Studio Bottero
7 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 6303

Gallery Hours
by appt.

Opening Reception Night, Sat. October 10, 7 – 10

Dot 51
Daniel Bottero, Sharing our Time, Mixed media on canvas, 2006, 86 x 70 in.

Until October 30
Daniel Bottero. The Love of the Poet
“In my search, through the art of painting I have found the best way of externalizing the feelings that each of us desires to keep hidden deep within our beings..” Daniel Bottero

Art critic Donald Kuspit ...“Bottero is a poet painter who uses the medium to convey the poetry of his emotions ...he is a poet in that he makes the medium resonate with feeling." Bottero is home in his studios in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami and in Buenos Aires. He has a strong commitment to community, education and to the development of young people. He is the first founding artist for the Artist in Residence Program created by Miami School Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and the Bottero Art initiative for young talented contemporary artists.

32nd Street

Bakehouse art complex
561 NW 32 St
Miami, FL 33127
305 576 2828
Gallery hours:
Mon - Sun, 12 - 5

Opening Reception
Friday, October 9, 7-10

BakehouseJorge Enrique, Urban D-Construction Series / Wynwood 983,Mixed Media on Paper with Resin, 2009, 96 X 96 X 3 in.

Until October 26
Martin Carbajal, Jorge Enrique, Natasha Middagh, Jose Pacheco Silva and Gerry Stecca. Blurring the Line
BAC group of artists whose work explores the line in terms of ambiguity. The line is a vital component to the visual world. In some cases, the line’s role is to separate something from something else, thus defining what is and what is not. In other cases, a line is manipulated into an object itself; as a number or a letter. By rejecting the overt meanings lines are intended to define, the artists are able to explore shifting subjects like environment, development and creation.

Sunday October 18th, 3 - 5
Open Figure Drawing Session
Professional nude model will be available to all artists who wish to attend. Bring your own materials. Drawing boards will be provided.

Friday October 23rd, 6-9
Miami Children’s Chorus Program Artwork Unveiling.
Miami Children’s Chorus launches its 2009-2010 season at the Bakehouse Art Complex, with an unveiling os new artwork created for the Chorus by BAC resident artist Jacqueline Roch. www.miamichildrenschorus.org

29th Street the corridor

Luis Perez Galería at the Awarehouse
550 NW 29th St.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 379 3763

Gallery Night Reception Saturday October 10, 7 -11

Luis PerezTata Navia, Untitled, Oil on Linen, 2006

Until November 10
Tata Navia. Minimalist Works
Artists Represented Edgar Negre, Pablo Solano, Pascuala Ramirez
The infamous fine art gallery from Colombia, Luis Perez Galeria, will be premiering its first exhibit by the renowned Colombian-born artist, Tata Navia.

The works of Tata Navia, most of which have been exhibited in the new millennium, focuses on space and simple objects, which she builds upon to create a particular language. She prefers to employ the use of traditional media, oil on canvas, to support and showcase her work. Stretchers, linen canvases and pigments that are managed with pulchritude, are all used to create a convincing atmosphere within a scenic space. Her ingredients preserve tradition, while the sense of space and the way in which she manipulates simple objects by intentionally placing them in different formats, evoke questions about the meaning of the immediate moment.

Ten untitled pieces of her most acclaimed work will be part of a free exhibition by curator Luis Perez at Luis Perez Galeria inside The Awarehouse, Miami’s newest independent event and gallery space and cultural hub for music, art and fashion.


Calix Gustav Gallery

98 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33127
305 576 8116

Grand Opening Reception Sat. October 10, 7 – 10

Luis PerezKlaus Guingand, MAFIART, Wooden letters, painted with black and aluminum colored solution, red and yellow light bulbs, 2009, 24' X 24" X 6'4"
(L X W X H).

Until November 21
"MAFIART", Klaus Guingand.
Mafiart is a light installation by French artist Klaus Guingand, which will be featured at the gallery opening . Also on view will be works by up and coming artists Judith Gilmer, Chris Chavers, Janet M. Mueller, Michael Lindaburyand Lazaro Amaral. In addition to the large light installation, this exhibition presents a full range of mediums, including oil on resin, prints, silkscreens and sculpture.

The exhibition revolves around the theme of the elitist nature of the art world, fame, and the emotional implications of these concepts.

Located in the thriving Wynwood Arts District, Calix Gustav Gallery is a brand new woman-owned gallery seeking to offer a unique opportunity in the Miami art scene.

Kelley roy Gallery
50 NE 29 St. N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 444 0004
Gallery Hours
Tue - Fri 10- 5 and by appointment

Opening Reception with the artist on
Sat. October 10, 7 - 9

Claro, AGUA, 2008, Full HD Video, BLU-RAY, 28:33 min.

Patricia Claro. Another Landscape
This show is a visual exploration of the interplay of landscape and water by Chilean artist Patricia Claro. Luminous in color and experimental in style, the paintings selected for this exhibition use water as “nature’s looking glass”, reflecting and refracting light and the surrounding landscape, presenting the viewer with “a piece of time in nature”. Claro’s solo show, her first in this country, includes a video installation, Agua, composed especially for this exhibition.

Also showing
Ongoing exhibits at Kelley Roy Gallery include paintings by Sebastian Spreng, Joe Concra, Kevin Paulsen and Mike Tesch; and sculptures by John Henry.

28th street

D&G Art Design Gallery
540 NW 28th St
Miami, Fl 33127
305 438 9798
f: 305.438.9799
Private Showings by appt.

Gallery Night Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 - 9

Purvis YungBlake Fisher, Rocky Beach, Black & White photography on film, silver gelatin print, 2007,
20 x 24 in.

Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez. Paintings
Bruce McQuiston.
Blake Fisher.
Silver Gelatin Prints

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez.
Raw. Curated by Luky Cancio
The driving force behind her work stems from childhood memories and recollections of experiences as a young girl growing up where religion and life’s delicate teeter-totter with life and death existed

Bruce McQuiston
His work combines organic forms with figurative reference and a contemporary flow. The pieces are constructed from hurricane salvaged lumber from the South Florida region. His recent Bronze and Aluminum castings utilize the wood pieces as the source for the mold making

Blake Fisher.


Fisher was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started as a commercial photographer yet maintained a love of fine art photography, principally nudes. His work is printed on silver gelatin paper and in limited editions, focusing on the female form as one of the most timeless subjects in photography.

23rd. Street

artformz Alternative
171 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127
Summer Hours – almost always:
Tue – Fri : 11 - 6
Sat: 12 - 5
by appt anytime

Opening Reception,
Sat. October 10, 7 - 9

SammerRai Escale (left), m/m painting, 2009 & Gisela Savdie (right), digital photograph, 2009

Until Nov. 7
Rai Escale & Gisela Savdie.
Carnivale of Souls

This show has been inspired by the exotic in the people and culture of their respective homelands, Spain and Colombia. The exhibition title is borrowed from a 1962 horror film, notable for its imagery and plot that, like Escale’s & Savdie’s striking and mysterious work, blurs the distinction between the real and surreal.

Rai Escale’s
works are an exploration of the layers of existence. A distinct image is usually lying hidden under other images, creating mysterious compositions of bits and pieces blended into a surreal whole. Gisela Savdie’s intrepid photography boldly captures the face and the persona that’s hidden behind the mask of Carnival. Are the figures in these images dissecting reality through layers of shadows? Are they dealing with the real or the surreal?

Carnival of Souls is an exhibition that deals with that other reality, the one that strives to capture the inner shadows, shadows that seem to appear and disappear behind the lens, covering the facade with laugh or cry, with sparkles or dust, with happiness or sorrow, with the sinister and dark, as well as the joyous and gay, with the taste of comedy and tragedy that we call life.


Yeelen Art Gallery
250 N.W. 23rd St. Unit 306
Miami, Fl 33127
954 235 4758

Gallery Hours:
by appt. only.

Purvis YungJerome Soimaud, Lacou, pigment on glossy photo paper2009.jpg Jerome Soimaud, Lacou, pigment on glossy photo paper2009.jpg

Until November 22
Jerome Soimaud’s “Kanzo.”
An exploration of Miami’s Little Haiti alongside the members of Vaudou Lakay. Yeelen Art Gallery proudly presents Jerome Soimaud’s photographic account of Vodou culture, which carries in its corps the DNA of Africa. Kanzo, is the holiest sacrament of Vodou, it is the beginning. Through this initiation we discover the aestheticism and energy of this misunderstood religion.

Up North at Design District NE 2nd. Ave.

Buick Building
3841 NE 2nd Avenue, ste. 103 Miami Design District
Miami FL 33137
305 316 4669

Gallery Hours:
Mon.- Sat., 11 - 5
Admission Free

SammerMila Vidallach. Mujeres

October 23 - November 15, 2009
Mila Vidallach. paintings
ART CHAMAREL with the support of IVEX, Trade development and promotion agency from the region of Valencia, Spain, and the CCE, Centro Cultural Español Miami, presents its new brand.

ART CHAMAREL launches its business model internationally, starting its journey in Miami. An innovative Valencian brand, brings a unique know-how that integrates art, design and decor services for the hospitality industry, with a special focus on boutique hotels.

As part of the venture’s promotional program in Miami, ART CHAMAREL, presents the work of the Valencian artist Mila Vidallach in Miami’s Design District.