Second Saturdays Art Walk: Design District October 10th

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damar fine art
4141 NE 2nd Avenue
Suite 107
Miami Design District
Miami, FL 33137
305 576 1355

Mon – Fri 11 – 6
Sat. by appt.

Opening Reception,
Sat. October 10, 7 – 10
Artist will be in attendance

ricartGretechen Minnhaar,
Sunday in the Park, 2009, acrylic, collage on wood, resin, 36 pieces 10" x 8" - 8" x 6"

Block Party at 4141 Evet to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Gretchen Minnhaar.
Celebration on the Grand

Gretechen Minnhaar's artistic journey has crossed the boundary between two cultures - that of South America where she spent her childhood in Argentina and that of North America where she spent her professional life in Michigan. While working as an architect, she carried sketchbooks with her as she traveled and recorded the colors and images of unfamiliar places. It was the experience of creating these visual journals that drew her to art as a full time commitment. This decision strengthened her resolve to examine in her painting issue raised by women's movement from both Latin and North American perspectives.

The changing roles of women in society and definitions of individual power and entitlement led to a series of works exhibited at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Gretchen's most recent work describes a walking population, moving through public spaces like troupes of dancers uniting and diverging. Her astute sense of color and constantly moving spatial perspective give her work a consistent direction as she moves from one thematic focus to the next.


Art Fusion Galleries
1 NE 40th Street Suites 3, 6, 7 Miami, FL 33137
305 573 5730

Tues – Fri: 10 – 5
Saturday: 12 - 5

Opening Reception:
Sat. October 10, 7 – 10

ricartMichel Boutboul, Chained by Love, Acrylic on Canvas

Fusion Vi-Creative Vibrations
Thomas Kachian, Adriana Cora, G.G, Margo Ouellette, John Frazee, Andrea Castro, Sandra Knuyt, Michel Boutboul, Marcar, Pombo Cherie Bender, Erin Brekke Conn, Sally K., Adele Blais,Michael Katz, Olga Dziembowska, Chara Nagle, Francesco Mino, Samantha Churchill, Lenore Robins, Tony Scullin, Global Art Beat Gallery, Efrain Castro Calderon, José Delbo, Riera, EJ Manton, Arien Xuan, Simon, “E” the Artist & Alex.

This exhibition represents the avatars of creativity and imagination. The works are of splendor and of truly creative magnificence. Art t Fusion Galleries is proud to present their final exhibition of 2009. Exhibiting 32 alluring international contemporary artists in a group exhibition. Art Fusion Galleries exhibits over 30 new and mid-career artists in each of the 4 group shows yearly.

Art Fusion Galleries is a 4000 sq.ft. Chelsea style gallery located in the Miami Design District that currently represents over 700 artists from around the world


101 / exhibit
101 NE 40th St.
Miami, FL 33137
305 573 2101

Tue – Sat: 11 – 7

Opening Reception
Sat. October 10, 7 - 10

101Jason Shawn Alexander, Insomnia, oil on panel,
48 x 36 in

Until November 14

Jason Shawn Alexander. Insomnious

Whether positive or negative, artist Jason Shawn Alexander hopes his abstract figurative works evoke some response. “The one thing I always want in all my work is some form of emotive connection,” the artist says from his studio in Los Angeles. In his first solo show at 101/Exhibit in Miami, titled Insomnious, Alexander presents mostly images stemming from right before sleep or right after waking up, as seen in Insomnia in which two female figures are superimposed on each other. “There’s more of that image making in this show, and from the title of that painting came the show title. It seemed to fit because I don’t sleep well at all,” says Alexander. “It’s the perfect title for a large collection of images that are disjointed and come from a restless mind.”

Alexander also incorporates a few collages and letter making in this new grouping. He continues to push himself while at the same time experimenting with different palettes and approaches. Influenced by Irish-born British figurative painter Francis Bacon, Alexander reates abstract human life as much as possible, yet brings it back just enough so it’s recognizable. These are not literal scenes but rather images that convey scenarios that are impossible or undesirable in reality. He’s more comfortable abstracting and going more expressive with male figures while his female forms are more tense.


Diaspora Vibe Gallery
3938 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
305 573 4046



Tues – Fri 11-6,
Sat. By Appt.

Opening Reception:
Thurs, October 8, 7 - 10

PressitonImageAimee Lee, Pastorale, 2008

From October 8 to December 17
Aimee Lee
Native Intelligence

Diaspora Vibe Gallery is pleased to present Hastings grad’s Fulbright Scholar Aimee Lee as she extends her paper trail to her debut Miami solo exhibition of reflections on paper and recent work. Her medium is pulp; the vehicle is water-dipping, beating sifting. She has recently completed a year of Hanji history, practice and contemporary research in Korea where as a Fulbright Scholar she learned this ancient art of papermaking. Her book-making, installation performance artwork uses paper that distinctly takes on a life of its own. Native Intelligence presents new artworks that reside primarily in tradition and generational memory made tactile and texture-filled from the outcome of this ancient Hanji practice. Curated by Rosie Gordon -Wallace, Native Intelligence examines Aimee Lee’s journey with paper.

Artist Talk: Saturday, October 10, 2 - 4


4100 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33127
786 925 2930

Tue-Sat 10 - 6

Public Reception
Sat. October 10, 7-10

PressitonImageBarry Gross, Surrender

Until October 17
Barry Gross Retrospective
Barry Gross' surreal oil paintings portray the human struggle with a profound sense of calmness, wisdom and honesty. The microscopic detail inherent in Gross' work simultaneously captures the soul of his subjects while exposing the viewer to the artist's innermost battles. “The imagery and intimacy I capture on canvas emanate from passions in dreams and visions. Sleep, meditation and acknowledgement of the human condition permeate these conditions.”Barry Gross PressitOn Art Gallery will donate a portion of the proceeds to amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.


61, NE 40th St
Miami, Fl.33137
Tel. 305 438 9006

Gallery hours:
Mon. thru Sat. 10:30 to 5
or by private appointment

Opening Recetion
Sat. October 10, 7 - 10

citylofartEkaterina Moré, One Sunny Day, Serie The Golden Twenties, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 55 x 39 in.

Ekaterina Moré. The Golden Twenties
Ekaterina Moré was born in St. Petersburg as the daughter of an artistic Russian family. She has been living in Germany since 1995. In Germany she developed and refined her own Moré-Style: Women both close and distant, with exceptional features and extraordinary beauty and sensuality. Modern women somehow out of time, that touch us in an unusual und mysterious way. Her soul pictures open doors to a different inner world. They invite us to encounter ourselves.

Colorful, sensual and erotic - her paintings spread strong positive energy and are a compliment for every woman. Ekaterina Morés paintings address people directly and immediately, regardless of one culture. Her sensual designs were realized by Rosenthal in glass and porcelain. Today she works on different art forms and projects, where she lives close to Cologne, Germany. Her works can already be found in renowned galleries and in many collections all over the world.

RIcArt Gallery
3900 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, FL, 33137
305 576 5000

Tues – Fri: 10 – 5
Saturday: 12 - 5

Gallery Night Reception Sat. October 10, 7 - 10

ricartThomas Dellacroix, When we were kings, Acrylic and collage on canvas, 1989, 118 x81 in.

Group Exhibition
Specialized in art as an investment, Ricart Gallery is located in the heart of the Design District, with a permanent exhibition of an international group of contemporary artists (established and emerging) whose diverse practices include painting, sculpture and photography.

up north

158 NW 91 St
Miami, Fl 33150
305 490 6906


Gallery hours:
Sat & Sun 1- 6
and by appt

Opening Reception
Fri. October 16, 7 – 10

Juanita Meneses, Ransacked, Acrylic and Ink on Wood panel

Until November 15
Into the Wild.
Ai Kijima. Elizabeth Condon. John DeFaro. Luis Gracia Nerey. Lilian Garcia Roig. Enrique Gomez De Molina. Juanita Meneses. Michelle Weinberg.

Group Exhibit Carol Jazzar is pleased to present Into The Wild; a group exhibition of figurative and abstract painting and sculpture from local and national artists working with nature.

Echoing the current revival of nature-based subject matter each artist exhibited plumbs the depths of personal experience, reacting and representing their impressions with fervor. From gestural forays to labor intensive and methodical systems the exhibition not only resonates aesthetically, but also by virtue of the many processes involved is analogous itself to an ecological web.