Friday Night 9/4 Artwalk: Coral Gables

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214 Andalusia Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 446 5578

Mon - Fri 10:30 - 5:30
Sat 12 - 5

Opening Reception
Friday September 4, 7-10

image americas

Maria Corcuera, Ciudad Elegida, Sculpture on wood,
28 1/2 x 16 x 3 1/2

Opening Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10

Maria Teresa Corcuera Terán, Miguel Angel Giovanetti, Carlos Domenech and Viviana Zargon.

The September exhibition will take place at the gallery's new space located at 214 Andalusia Avenue in Coral Gables, right across the street from its former location.

image durban

Durban Segnini Gallery
3072 SW 38 Ave
Miami, Fl 33146
305 774 7740

Mon-Friday 10 - 6
Sat 11 - 4

Opening Reception
Friday October 1st, 7 pm


Carmelo Niño, Personaje No. 11, Acrylic & Mixed Media on cardboard, 102 x 80 cm

Opening Reception Friday October 1st, 7 pm
Carmelo Niño. Recent Works

"His radically figurative paintings, makes us rethink about something that with the passing o time sometimes we forget: the human figure still possess a seductive capacity for the arts. It all consists in using it in the way an artist such as Carmelo Niño knows how to do. The magic realism which stands out in his group of characters is the link which unites them in the space. But at the same time its persistence in obtaining a pictoric efficiency gives a utopia element to his work. By this I mean that his panting goes beyond what is dictated by current fashions and goes beyond a different dimension, from which the artist confronts that frivolity in which art has recently fallen.". Carlos M. Luis




169 Madeira Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 444 4493
Mon – Fri 11 - 6
and by appt.

Gallery Night Reception Friday September 4, 7 - 10


Jose Clemente Orozco, Dama Sofisticada, ca. 1930, 14 x 10 inches, oil on canvas on board

Gallery Night Reception Friday September 4, 7 - 10

Joyas Latinoamericanas. Including Antonio Amaral, Humberto Castro, Michelle Concepcion, Sergio Garval, Gunther Gerzso, Wifredo Lam, Jose Clemente Orozco, Ramon Oviedo, Gina Pellon, Mateo Arguello Pitt, Arnaldo Roche-Rabell, Elmar Rojas, Soledad Salame, Francisco Toledo among others.


Klara Chavarria Contemporary Art
Gallery and Studio space
2912 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, Fl 33134
305 282 2116
Tue - Fri 11- 5
Sat 12 – 5 & by appt.

Gallery Night Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10

image sori

Klara Chavarria, Awakening / Despertar, Acrylic on canvas, 58 x 38.5 in

Klara Chavarría. Recent Works

In recent years, her work has gained immense notoriety & her work is in collections throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe, including a public collection piece exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry and at O'Hare International Airport, both in Chicago, IL. The award winning artist’s work is recognized for her philosophical and whimsical style, which incorporates figurative and abstract elements transcending into creating an eclectic and spiritually filled body of work.

“My work reflects a deep interest in our human condition, our yearnings and a search for a true purpose in life. I want to make the invisible visible and the intangible tangible. In my work I want to capture our soul, our experiences, relationships, deep emotions, feelings and how these influence our existence. I am interested in the inner and the spiritual aspects of our lives and how it is all connected to our physical world.”Artist Statement


Jorge M. Sori
Fine Arts

2790 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 567 3115

Tue – Sat 11 – 5:30
Sat by appt.

Opening Reception,
Friday September 4, 7 - 10

image sori

Tomás Sánchez, Paisaje con Nubes Bajas, 1987, Tempera on paper; 30 1/2 x 23 in.

Opening Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10
Tomas Sánchez and Renato Meziat and Ivan Loboguerrero
Renowned Latin America Artists Group Show

Tomas Sánchez,
the well known Latin American Master, brings us some of his best works on paper from the 1980s. Among these works, we can mention the captivating "Paisaje desde las Nubes", which follows the artitsts' trademark of carefully detailed tropical landscapes. It has been the careful attention to detail along with a keen eye for nature which has given Sánchezworld wide acclaim and numerous awards including the prestigious Joan Miro's Prize.
Renato Meziat was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1952. Ranks among the top notch realist comtemporary artists, influenced by the works of Chilean Master Claudio Bravo. His art is defined by his amazing handling of shaders and colors, as well as bringing to life the different "realities" that surround him. In one of his most recent "Crystal Bottles" Meziat brings to life everyday objects and gives them a sense of realism seldom seen in today's art.
Ivan Loboguerrero was born in Bogotá, Colombia. His art blends clean colors with shining strokes creating peaceful atmospheres. His work is rich oil quantity and thorough elaborated textures which generate daunting visual sensations. In his painting "Momento Interior",Loboguerrero showcases all the elements that make his artwork delightfully unique.


Da vinci's Gallery
2914 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Tel: 305 460 9002

Gallery Hours
Tue-Fri 11- 5
Sat 11- 4
and by appointment

Opening Reception
Friday September 4, 7 - 10

image sori

Opening reception
Friday September 4th fton 7 pm to 10 pm
Small works, Big idea Vol I
the artists will be in attendance at the opening reception
Baez, Beguiristain, Benedetti, Bordas, Bouzon, Campos, Carmona, Castaño, Castro, Garcia-Castro, Chomat, Cremata, Cuenca, Cueto, Emilio Hector, Fernández, Ferro, Fuentes, Galán, Godoi, Godoy, Grosso, Hajjar, Hernández, Kane, Madero, Marcos, Martinez D., Martínez J., Maxwell, Mendoza, Luis Miguel, Molina, Naranjo, Navedo, O'Connor, Oliveros, Patiri, Rafael, Rams, Recio, Riera, Robert, Rodez, Romero, Ruiz, Sacasas, Sanchez, Sauma, Sierra, Suarez, Victorios, Yoa.

The works will remain on view through Sept 29th and from October 2nd thru October 31st, 2009


305 Alcazar Avenue Suite #4
Coral Gables Fl 33134

786 877 1045

Mon-Friday 11:30 to 7
Saturday 1 to 8

Summer Nights Hours Friday-Saturday 6:00pm to 10:30pm
Monday -Friday from 11:30 am to 6:00pm

Gallery Night Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10

All images are copyright Library of Congress Washington DC
H Benitez Fine Art Gallery Inc. / Humberto Benitez

Gallery Night Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10
Humberto Benítez
The passionate work of Artist Humberto Benitez
Experience movement without boundaries

During the summer the Gallery will be hosting late summer night's Friday & Saturday 8:00pm to 10:00pm


Lawrence Savage Galleries
4217 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33146
305 446 1222

Mon – Sat. 11 – 5 & by appt

Gallery Night Reception, Friday September 4, 7 - 10

Hidalgo, Jennifer Lopez, Acrylic on Canvas, 55 x 55 in; Galactica, Acrylic on Canvas,
76 x 67 in

Lawrence Savage Galleries
East Village Gallery

Leonardo Hidalgo in recent years has gained an abundant amount of notoriety across the globe. His latest collection is painting the town red among many other vibrant colors.
The Ecuadorian-born latest inspiration is recollecting his past, his childhood years, which he claims now gives him the ability to see life today through child-like eyes. Today, his paintings are a true reflection of that vision. He uses bright colors, and the result is a high energy series that can help you get back in touch with your youth “and I want everyone to feel like I do, like they can be in touch with their inner child again.” He says he wants people to feel just as alive and just as passionate about life as he does; he wants people who look at his artwork to feel that same fervor.

Also on exhibit in the main gallery is the internationally renowned Jamali and Shie Moreno’s artwork of individual expression

Third Thursday
Brickell Gallery Night

Beaux Arts Gallery
2451 Brickell Ave., Main Floor
Brickell Townhouse,
Miami, Fl 33129
305 858 6776

Mon.-Fri. 10-6
Sat. by Appt.

Permanent Exhibit of the Works of Manuel Carbonell and Mauro Arbiza,


Amantes, bronze, 8 ft. 2008, Hotel Bristol, Buenaventura, Panama.


An important collection of maquettes, sculptures, bas-reliefs and monumental sculptures by Cuban Master Sculptor Manuel Carbonell. His commissioned work as the creator of two of Miami’s most important landmarks, “The Tequesta Family” at the Brickell Avenue Bridge and “El Centinela del Rio” at the entrance of the Miami River in Brickell Key, denotes his more classical and figurative style. The works exhibited at the Gallery are modern, where Carbonell searches for the essence of the form and the absence of detail while giving a sense of monumentality to his work. Three monumental 8-foot Carbonell sculptures are on exhibit at Art Midtown on Midtown Blvd. and NW 34th Street in cooperation with Daniel Azoulay Gallery.

We invite you to visit our gallery to see an important collection of the works of Carbonell ranging from maquettes to monumentals and the paintings and sculptures of Mauro Arbiza