Death Camp for your Booty!

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Death Camp for Cutie

Adventure Boot Camp Workout
To encourage yourself to hit the gym after work, you asked your sister to text you “fat ass” every day at 5 p.m.Then you shut off your phone.For less hostile motivation, turn to Coral Gables Adventure Boot Camp. Though not technically an adventure, it is an ass-kicking workout.The sessions take place in a small park (one step up from a median strip) in Coral Gables. On the grass knoll, Glenn Greer will lead you in a variety of exercises, from yoga and kickboxing to core conditioning and obstacle courses. He’s like a drill sergeant, if said sergeant moved to Miami, got soft, and called hamstrings “hammies.”Camp goes five days a week for four straight weeks (though you can opt to go less, Wussy). And the cost for the “faster, faster, don’t give up” tough love — a mere $199.A cheap booty call.
Coral Cables Adventure Boot Camp (305-461-1090 or