Futbol on the Roof!

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I was at the 500 Brickell Condo the other day and noticed this soccer field on top of the Capital Grille Building...I'm sure all the futbol fans and players in the Brickell area will love this (except during the rainy month of June!)

From Thrillist:

Soccer Rooftop
444 Brickell Ave, Brickell; 786.220.4589

Rooftops offer awesomeness: killer parties, a sweet view of topless sunbathing chicks foolish enough to think you're not watching, and sweeter views of the cops pulling up right after you realize she's not as foolish as you thought. Adding the world's game to the list, Soccer Rooftop.

Run by three amigos from Latin America, one of whom played for Mexico in the World Cup, SR's a pair of fenced-in soccer pitches on the mid-level roof of the Rivergate Plaza in Brickell, complete with an indoor lounge and patio, and accommodating adult league play, or anything else you can think up, from corporate events, to birthdays, to wedding receptions for any marriages you desperately want to fail. Fields're standard size for indoor futbol (56'x110'), and're covered in two-tone green artificial turf that meets the highest FIFA rating, thanks to sand and small rubber granules that keep turf blades upright, lending a more earthy feel to the pitch; the standard indoor balls used are less likely to shoot off the roof, as they're smaller and harder -- cruel, but the alternative is them falling to their death. As for games, SR'll throw your squad in a league, let you create an entire league of your own, or put you on a solo waiting list so you can jump in for teams missing a guy or two; games'll kick off any time from midday, to post-work, to 1am for a diehard cadre of valet drivers, cooks, and waiters -- get in, and they'll exercise frustration at your adeptness at calculating 14%.

There's full men's and women's locker rooms w/ showers (and a sauna in the men's), a lounge area with free wi-fi, hardwood floors, an L-shaped sofa, plenty of cushy chairs, a flatscreen hi-def for watching professional matches, and an outdoor patio area, where you'll be tempted to go topless, until an onlooker reports the outrage to the cops.

See how the balls bounce at