Jimbo's Birthday!

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Thrillist Miami Jimbo's Birthday
Sunday, 12:30pm 'til dark,
Jimbo's: Duck Lake Road, Virginia Key; 305.361.7026

It takes great men to forge something similarly great: the founding fathers' vision and wisdom produced the land we live in today, and Gilligan pioneered an island where two of the three chicks were hot. Celebrate one more great man's great institution, hit Jimbo's 82nd birthday this weekend.

For the uninitiated, Jimbo's, on the lagoon on Virginia Key, is a shrimp shack half-overrun by tropical growth and strewn with extremely broken-in furniture, plywood patching, taxidermy, rusted-out cars, and roosters strutting the undergrowth, boasting an undulating bocce court, loads of cheap cold beer, and a cast of regulars, including cigar-chomping, ready-to-blow-out his four-score-and-two-years birthday Jimbo Luznar. The astonishing time capsule was created in '54 when the mainland docks where Jimbo's family moored their shrimp boats were destroyed to redevelop the area for stuff like the Herald; the city granted Jimbo dockage and a shack on the forsaken lagoon, which has since been used for shrimping and drinking, and as a location for stuff like Flipper, True Lies, 2 Fast 2 Furious, a Mariah Carey album cover, and the "Who Let The Dogs Out" video -- which makes Jimbo the dastardly man behind the 'Men. Sunday's bash'll start with free grub like dogs and burgers, as well as a truck pouring Icehouse; once the gratis stuff's kicked you can drink $2 cans of Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Corona, and Presidente, and buy smoked fish, with seasonal choices like salmon, mahi, tuna, and wahoo, all personally smoked by Jimbo, who's remarkably put together for a guy who's turning 82, and smokes mad wahoo.

There'll be at least three bands rocking throughout the party, with the only one confirmed so far called Loose Cannons; it's also recommended that guests bring a cigar or similar small birthday gift for Jimbo -- a founding father of another land where two out of three chicks will be hot...once the Icehouse is gone.

To get a feel for Jimbo's go to JimbosPlace.com