Tea n' Sanity

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From Daily Candy:

Sips of Sanitea

Tea ’n Sanity’s Custom Blends
You never knew that the alphabet could wig you out.Then “G” stood for Gustav, “H” for Hanna, and “I” for Ike. Now at least “T” stands for solace.

Tea ’n Sanity offers all types of wild-harvested, organic teas. For caffeine and/or antioxidants, there are black (Darjeeling, English Breakfast, orange zest), green (jasmine, sencha, oolong), white (silver needles), and red (rooibos) choices. For everything else (as in sanity, anyone?) try a custom blend.Owner Eunice Rodriguez prepares herbal brews for ailments like allergies, heartburn, insomnia, and upset stomach. If your problems are layered­­ — say you’re a sleepless, nauseous, stress basket with raging PMS­­­ — she can concoct a tea targeting multiple issues.Whether it’s peppermint, red clover, rose petals, marjoram, hawthorne leaf, ginger, or chrysanthemum flowers, each ingredient will suit your specific needs.To a tea.

Tea ’n Sanity, 13022 Southwest 120 Street, Kendall (305-951-2448 or tea-n-sanity.com).