Glaser Organic Farms Delivery

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From Daily Candy:

You’re picky about what goes into your body (high school rave phase notwithstanding).So treat your temple to all-natural fare from Glaser Organic Farms.

The Redland operation specializes in tropical fruits — mangos, papayas, and lychees, to name a few — but does veggies and herbs with equal love. There’s also a kitchen where they create raw vegan goodness.The best part: You don’t have to schlep way down south to get them, as everything is available not only at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market every Saturday, but online as well.

Order gourmet prepared raw foods like Nori crackers, chickpea carrot croquettes, Essene breads, spreads, fruit pies, and fudgy brownies.The farm has culinary arts classes, too. Learn to make everything from herb and fruit vinaigrettes to nut milk ice cream sure to inspire one thing.Pure ecstasy.

Glaser Organic Farms, 19100 Southwest 137th Avenue, Redland (305-238-7747 or